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Sikhi Afterlife & Ghosts?

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I was just wonderin' what Sikhi says about afterlife and if there are any references to Ghosts? This all just came into mind after watchin' the video "Gothika"...lol...Is there a heaven and hell? And I've heard that we get reincarnated if we keep living in the world of "maya." Yep so just wonderin' what the SGGS says all about this. Thanks.

Gurjote Singh Dhaliwal

(a new member-started keeping my kesh over the summer-the events of 1984 brought me deeper into Sikhi. Raj Karega Khalsa! If anyone would just like to talk email me at KhalistaniSingh@hotmail.com, AIM SN = Khalistani Singh). 1

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First of all veer ji. Welcome to the site :D

You have came to right place.. here you will read great information on life after death sikhi perspective:

Here is the post on life after death. Its long lengthy research done by sikh scholars, thelogist, psychologist:


Here is live audio convo of this muslim ghost for you:



Enjoy them. I m glad people are gettin into such an interesting topic "Afterdeath". Its defo worth it read about it.

Akaaaaaaaal hee akaaaaaaaal

anand hii anand


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Got some few more questions...may sound dumb...so if we kill a fly, is the Sikh destined to hell? And aren't we like responsible for some of our deaths, like speeding...and then what happens after death? Read the links quite interesting...but it's 1:54 am in the morning and i'm sure as hell not listening to that Suleman ghost story this late lol...during day sure! But not now! haha...

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