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SGGS :: An infalliable Guru

Ideal Singh

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Thanx Truth Singh ji for this section... :D I hope the following article is suitable for this section...


Writer: Amanpartap Singh

Email: amanpartaps@yahoo.com

Sikhs have their perpetual Guru SGGS with them for guidance for eternity and there is absolutely nothing contradictory in SGGS...

Any book or extracts of any book or particular thinking or particular ideology from any other religions, which positively reflects upon the ideology/essense of SGGS is perfectively acceptable to me... as there is also Truth in other Religions as well...

So, everything that has been written in Dasam Granth or Bansavalinama or for that matter, any part of any book written by anyone from any Religion... is perfectly acceptable to me, if these extracts in those books positively reflect on the philosophy of SGGS, because a Truth will remain a Truth and nobody has a monopoly on Truth. But, I can reject anything which does not reflect upon the philosophy of SGGS. As simple as that...

So, there is no need to make a fuss over as to what a person has said or for that matter what the writers of amy religious books have said...

Now, thinking of a person is falliable except for SGGS, a perpetual Guru of Sikhism and which is infalliable... unchallengable... and all other books can never ever dilute the essense of SGGS with some of their ambiguous statements.

So, there may be some contradictions in the writings of e.g. Kala Afgana etc and for that matter in the writings of Dasam Granth, Gurbilas, Bansavalinama etc... for example if in these books, it says that there is a Sun, which gives us light then its perfectly alright because this is perfectly acceptable to our Guru, SGGS but now if these books state that 'Moon' provides us light, then this arguement does not find acceptance to our Guru... and we have every right to refuse to accept such theories which are contrary to SGGS.

We should remember that these books can contain anything but we are not bound to accept everything written in these books because we have SGGS to take guidance from and writings of any person are limited to his intellect... so we can also analyse their writings with the philosophy/essense of SGGS and reject whatever there is unacceptable but for that we have to thoroughly understand the philosophy of SGGS.

Chardi Kala

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