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Sikh Martyrs and Millitary

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Do u know that KHALSA is only example in the world history, which inspite of being strongest of its time never attacked first, they just fought for the protection of weak and downtrodden , they are the only example in the world which in successful captures never ever indulged in War crimes , Sex crimes.

And they had an organization the harbinger of today's Red Cross International.

Which provided medical aid to soldiers in battlefield irrespective to the sides on which they were !

Should I tell u about those Sikh's who used to challenge the torturers to show them the heights of their cruelty and asked them to take test of their tolerance .

Should I tell u about those incidents in which the hearts of children were taken out of their chests and put into their father's mouth or should I tell you that some Sikhs were burnt alive , cut into pieces , cut into half, crushed by elephants etc. etc. etc. etc. or should I tell u about all the other brutal merciless tortures, countless Sikh went through. And truly , THEY DIDN'T EVEN UTTER A SIGH.

Can we the insects who can not shun greed , jealousy, sex etc. out of our brains match them in any way . That is why it is said


The population of Sikhs is just 2% of the total India's population , yes my friend just 2% but ::::::

In Subhash Chandra Bose's Indian National Army out of 20, 000 recruits there were 12, 000 Sikhs ( 60%) and a Sikh businessman paid for all its expenses for the first few years .

93 out of 121 ( 77 % ) hanged in Indian National movement against colonial powers were Sikhs.

Out of 625 labeled hardcore freedom fighters 563 were punjabis.

Out of 2646 sent to exile in national movements 2147 ( 81% ) were Sikhs

In the emergency imposed in 1975 whole of the nation hid like rats but only Sikhs raised their voice.

The policies and movements of Gandhi were successfully practiced by Sikhs under the leadership of Baba Ram Singh much before even Gandhi did.

The enrolment quota for Sikhs in the army is just 2% but in every war they have contributed 35% of the total fighting strength.

See the plenty of Singh surnames in the kargil , 1971 ,1965 ,1947 martyrs list.

You may have the knowledge about Jalliaan Wallaa Bagh massacre , or the war at Longewala where 120 Sikh soldiers fought victoriously against a full TANK regiment of 2,000 men but do you know about countless incidents like Saragarh fort battle, Saka Chamkaur , KamaGataMaru , etc. etc. etc.

My purpose of telling you all this is that they know how to live & die for others , unlike chicken hearts like us who can only laugh on others , u know they used to laugh when they were sentenced to brutal ways of torture . yes the history tells u ,

It is the community of Deewanaas ,

the lovers of only Timeless Almighty

:):):D:D:P:P :arrow: Plz Post reply Ji ....

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