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Hello everyone.


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HI i m new here. i was just reading through some of the posts and Noticed somthing... Which iz ..Why Do A lot of you have PAKI flags next to ur Avtarz and ur namez. :?: ???



Please respond to Princess's question.

I must say that I have'nt seen any such flags, but if it irritates the likes of you I'll make damn sure I'll have one too.

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This forum is for sikhs and sikh youth but everyone is welcome as far as they are here to discuss with sikhs not to cause any trouble. As far as I know only Punjabi Nationalist has pakistan flag and I don't want to anwser why he has that flag and I will let him anwser.

Welcome to forum and you might want to tell us more about you.:)

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Yah that punjabi_Nationalist guy has one. and i think another person had one also. but i cant find the link to that post now. well when i do i will make sure i paste it. hehe.. :LOL:

it doesn’t really irritate me that much.. it was just a bit weird seeing paki flags. :)

PS: hello all i m Lali;) from "Boston" MA

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