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APPEAL--400 Years of 1st Prakash Utsav of SGGS Ji

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:idea: Dear Singhs & Kaurs,

1604-2004 !! The awaited year(2004) is knocking on the every Sikhs door and saying "Aao Singho Guru Naal Judo". This is a big year for my Sikh Brethren.

Sikhs need to spread information about the big year ahead. Many Sikh Organisations have made endeavours to inform the unaware Sangat. We should have Kirtan Durbars,Samagams,Kavi Durbars and Nagar Kirtans to commemorate the great year ahead.

Sikhs need to rededicate themselves too the Guru Granth Sahib Jee and spread the message it has in store for Humanity.We should educate people of our locality and even Sikh Websites should also highlight this Mahaan Utsav.

This year should be a recognized one and we must also make arrangements for 2008, 300 years of Guru Gaddi of Guru Granth Sahib Jee(1708-2008).



Cyber Sikh Community Member,

Harjinder S Kukreja.


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please sir correct me if i am wrong - there appears to be a mistake of fact;

Adi Granth was complied 400 yrs ago wasnt it ?

Guru Granth Sahib jiwas complied by Guru Gobind Singh Maharaj in 1706 - Bhai Mani Singh being the scribe

One may inquire, ' what is the different between the two?'

To what ive heard there are two main differences between the Adi Granth and SGGS

1. In SGGS there has been the addition of the Sopurakh in rehraas sahib

2. Guru Tegh Bahadurs Bani has been added to SGGS by Guru Gobind Singh Ji - it is not in Adi Granth

I read this somewhere but i cant pin point the source - Sangat please rectify me so i can discard it from my memory.

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