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  1. Is too much Sikhi a bad thing? Depends on how you define Sikhi. Overindulgence in a particular ideology without critical introspection can have adverse effects and could lead to a utopian viewpoint reflecting your egocentric interpretation of Sikhi.
  2. Dear all It's that time of the year again ..... The Chakardar Tabla & Vocal Music Summer School - a great opportunity to live and breathe tabla and music for five days in great surroundings with some of the most learned tabla artists the world has produced. The Chakardar Tabla summer school is not only a great learning experience, it is also great fun and has an enduring impact on all those who attend. Come and learn tabla from the renowned tabla master and teacher Pandit Shankar Ghosh. Get taleem on a one to one basis; get group tuition in methodology, theory and practic
  3. who needs girls when you have guru nanak? Who needs anything when you have guru nanak?? nanak nanak nanak. rab rab rab dab dab dab.
  4. What are the origins of the Sarangi ? What role does it have to play in Gurmat Sangeet? Can the forum share thier thoughts and knowledge please??
  5. someone told me itching whilst in deep meditation is when sins are coming to the surface.
  6. dont use tablas cos they are made from animals too.
  7. go on a tuna salad diet - you can lose hefty amounts that way.
  8. Very interesting read... http://www.xs4all.nl/~wichm/psymove.html Ask yourself truthfully? Are you following a cult ? What is the mindframe behind your thinking ? insecurity? person issue ? Is 'religion' the answer ?
  9. " we will not take it lying down' Can feel a hint of desparation in those words. Demonstrations = more publiciity more publicity = more sales Therefore they want you lot to demonstrate! oh well Prof, i guess you know what your doing. Morpheous
  10. If this is so then i advise you to read the following; Case Law Singh v Lyons Maid Ltd[1975] Panesar v Nestle Co Ltd [1980] Singh v Rowntree MacKintosh Ltd [1979] ICR 554 EAT Mandla v Dowell Lee [1983] 1 ALL ER 1062 In S.S Dhanjal v British Steel General Steels Unreported; Case Number 50740191 Inderjit Kaur case ,Asian times 18th August 1998 Legislation Race Relations Act 1976 Books Richard Jones and Welhengama Gnanapala Ethnic Minorites in the English Law, (2000), p212-242 Articles Anwar, Mohammed [1992], ‘The Myth of Return’ Bhachu, Parminder (1985) Twice
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