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conversation with Akali Kaur Singh?


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I was reading this article on same website www.tapoban.org and again subjective article which proves nothing.

I think writer who has compiled this article is trying to record one debate which happend between "dass" and I guess thats used for Bhai Randhir Singh and Akali Kaur singh.

Now there is no proper reference and to be honest it doesn't prove anything and at the end whoever has written this article need to compile articles where they can show objective point of view from the Gurmat side.

Having heard first-hand that Akali Koar Singh had taken the first steps to changing his thinking about meat, made me happy. He began to lecture on the true religious stance concerning meat and didn’t touch it again from that day on.

I had hoped that this manuscript would be completed while Akali Koar Singh was still alive, but that wasn’t to be the case.

They are writing this article when Akali Koar Singh is not in this world so there won't be any objection. I think whoever runs this site need to change all these articles from Gurmat to general articles.

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