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  1. Sat Sri Akal: Aaki - Recalcitrant, disobedient, rebel, defiant.
  2. Sat Sri Akal: Hindu: Sardarji, Barah Baj Gaye!!! Sikh: Bhai Sahib Ji, Je Barah Na Bajde, ta Hinduan Di Ghari Bahut Daer Toh Rook Jandee!
  3. Sat Sri Akal: Where is this written that Mata Bhag Kaur had to obtain permission to wear Bana? (Thanks in advance for info provided). Geisha...also performed sexual acts...not in conduct of a Sikh (unless you are referring to women in general...). I fail to understand WHY it is such a big deal that a woman wished to tie a Dastaar and wear Bana and why she should have to obtain permission from anyone to do such. Someone care to explain this to me?
  4. Moderator note: Let the discussion go and then come to any conclusion.
  5. Sat Sri Akal: Sorry for jumping gun...my bad. I wait. Looking forward to article.
  6. Sat Sri Akal: Ah...heejra. Got its meanings to be these: (1) Unmanly. (2) Eunuch, hermaphrodite. The reference to the page refers to the second meaning. Don't think Keski can do that. :mrgreen:
  7. Sat Sri Akal: Asa Di Vaar Sahib contains a line that states that Turks also wore blue.
  8. Sat Sri Akal: Must annoy some more. Bani and which verse if you have it. Thanks. I am curious as this is really the first time I have ever heard of this.
  9. Sat Sri Akal: Then if someone can point me to where this third gender is mentioned by Guru Sahib, it would be most appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Sat Sri Akal: Yes Niranjana Sahib. Usuall iron toxicity is seen in children who take iron pills like candy and end up suffering from a MASSIVE overdose of iron. Another condition that can cause a problem is some ulceration in the intestines/sotmach, which can cause improper iron absorption into the body, leading to many problems with the major organ systems (liver damage, kidney damage, acidosis, excretion of blood, ulceration of stomach/intestines, ultimately shock). A more common problem, especially in pregnant women, is actually anemia, who are commonly given iron supplements in pre
  11. Sat Sri Akal: Sorry Bhai truthsingh Ji, reason I ask is cause of this line: "When Guru Ji used this then what exactly he was referring to?" I thought this meant that Guru Sahib was quoted on saying this somewhere. Personal interpretation of this moorakh: Khalsa is the Panth. The Panth is the gender, the caste, the creed the everything. It is this Panthic body that is one whole identity. Nobody I know of says that the Khalsa is going to become one sex. Not to sound rude, but how in the world are people trying to make Sikh women look like men? Has someone been conducting ge
  12. Sat Sri Akal: Today, Sikhs are the dominant religion that wears a dastaar. Others have mainly given that up. In that sense, it is now a unique identity of Sikhs. If everyone wished to go to their roots and adopt the Dastaar again, then they can go ahead and claim that the Dastaar is no longer dominant in Sikhism.
  13. Sat Sri Akal: That would you truthsingh Sahib. The particular quote of Guru Sahib which states that Khalsa has no gender.
  14. Sat Sri Akal: Request for reference to Guru Sahib making such a statement please.
  15. Sat Sri Akal: Not to brag Niranjana Sahib Ji, but I am in medical profession. Excess iron is eliminated in the stool and thus turns the stool a black color (common side effect of taking iron supplements). A genetic disorder can contribute to excessive iron absorption, called hemochromatosis. Otherwise, the body will only absorb what it needs and rid of the rest. This is being taken from Dipiro JT, Pharmacotherapy: A Pathophysiologic Approach. 4th edition. Pg. 1532 and pg 1537-1538. Sorry,
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