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Speaking for Another

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Speaking for someone else is a psychological cop-out. What one is saying is, I do not own my thoughts, they are not mine. Thus they are not responsible for them. That person does not have to think. They are using someone else's power to substantiate their positions. If we are to ever own our own power, we will never get it by leaning on someone else's authority. Truth is power, and therefore owning our own truth about who we are is power - self realization.

We are the only ones responsible for our truth, not God. God gave us freewill. One can only speak of their own truth or reality. If we listens to God, a Master, or a someone of position or authority, for us to own that truth we must give it our consent. With that consent comes the responsible for the interpretation of what the authority said. If we do not give a truth our consent, then we are hypocrites if we quote it, for we do not really believe it..

People don’t make "I" statements. An "I" statement is one in which we take responsibility for our thoughts and actions. An "I" statement would be I need you to do this, I don’t like that, or I need you to stop doing this "People will say, Master said this or God told me this or the Doctor said that. Thus if someone doesn't like what they say, it’s not them doing it. It’s God or Guru or the doctor's fault. They relied on the expert's recommendation They are not responsible, or so they tell themselves. If you consent, then you own the thought, and you are then responsible for any action taken one it.

Every act we do is a self declaration of who we choose to be. Since we are in reality energy beings and not mechanical beings as our cultural story has taught, we are the co-creators of our reality and not the victims. Without awareness we have no choice. This is why most people do not like awareness. If we have a choice then we must take responsibility. People who fail to take the reasonability for their own ignorance or poor judgment, are basically insecure and irresponsible people.

"For churches are the hopes of men,

varied in their hue,

but I am far beyond the church,

the Yeast in all you do.

Do not see me and church as one

for this is not the Truth.

The churches come and go and burn!


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