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Jhagardang Nahgardang Bhagardan Bajey

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This shabad describes the sounds of a battle field.

jhagardang nagardang bhargardang bajey, here it describes the sound as the warriors charge,

it goes on to talk about weapons aswel

kargadang kati katari (katar) karakan (gun) etc

listen carefully and you will find many more things, once you know what is being said you will get the full joy and obtain the right atmosphere which is created.

jai jai sri mahakaal

jai jai sri chandika

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Sree Chandee Chritr Patshahee 10

Sangeet Bhuj(ng) Pryaat Chhand

KagRd(ng) katee kaTaaree kRaak(ng). TaagRd(ng) teer(ng) tupak(ng) tRaak(ng).

'Kaagrhden' go the Swords, 'krhaaken' go the Kataars.

'Taagrhden' go the Arrows, 'trhaaken' go the Guns.

JhaagRd(ng) naagRd(ng) baagRd(ng) baajay. GagRd(ng) gaajee mahaa(n) gaj gaajay.

'Jhaagrhden Naagrhden Baagrhden' go the Battle Drums,

'Gaagrhden' roar the warriors, the mighty elephants roar.

SaagRd(ng) soor(ng) kaagRd(ng) koap(ng). PagRd(ng) parm(ng) raN(ng) paavroap(ng).

The roaming warriors roar in Fury.

They are fearless warriors who never run from the battle field.

SaagRd(ng) shastr(ng) jhhaagRd(ng) jhharai. BaagRd(ng) beer(ng) DaagRd(n) Dkaarai.

'Saagrhden' go the Weapons, weapons fall from the Sky like rain.

The warriors challenge and kill each other, as they kill they roar.

ChagRd(ng) choupay baagRd(ng) beer(ng). MaagRd(ng) maaray t(ng)n(ng) tichh teer(ng).

The warriors roar in a warlike mood,

The enemies body pierced with hard sharps arrows

GaagRd(ng) gujjay subujay hageerai. KaagRd(ng) kuveeyaan kuthhay kthheerai.

The warriors roar in a deep thundering sound,

In this warlike verse I praise their Courage.

DaagRd(ng) dano bhagRd(ng) bhaajay. GaagRd(ng) gaajee jaagRd(ng) gaajay.

The evil demon are now running from the battlefield,

But still the fearless warriors of truth are roaring with victory.

ChhagRd(ng) chhouhee chhuray praychhRaakay. TaagRd(ng) teer(ng) tupuk(ng) taRaakay.

Pole-Axe and Warhammer these weapons are hurled,

'Taagrhden' go the Arrows 'Krhaak' go the Guns.

GaagRd(ng) gomaai gujay gaheeray. SaagRd(ng) s(ng)kh(ng) naagRd(ng) nafeer(ng).

The deep sound of the battle horns echoes around,

Many types of Battle horn are blown.

BaagRd(ng) baajay bujay beer khayt(ng). NaagRd(ng) naachay so bhoot(ng) parayt(ng).

The warriors beat their drums on the Battlefield,

The Ghosts and Evil Spirits dance around openly.

TaagRd(n) teer(ng) baagRd(n) baaN(ng). KaagRd(ng) kaatee kaTaaree kripaaN(ng).

'Taagrhden' go the Arrows, ' Baagrhden' go the Daggers,

The thunderous noise of Kataars and Kirpaans bellow from the Battlefield.

NaagRd(ng) naad(ng) baagRd(ng) baajay. SaagRd(ng) soor(ng) raagRd(n) raajay.

The Battle Drums Roar,

The warriors prepare for Battle.

SaagRd(ng) sa(ng)kh(ng) naagRd(ng0 nfeer(ng). GaagRd(ng) gomaai gujay gaheerang).

Battle Horns and Battle Trumpets are Blown,

The deeps sound of the Battle Drums echoes all around.

NaagRd(ng) nagaaray baagRd(ng) baajay. JaagRd(ng) jodhaa gaagRd(ng) gaajay.

The Battle Drums and Battle horns were played,

The warriors challenge each other with fierce roars.

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