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vaheguru ji ka khalsa, vaheguru ji ki fateh

can anybody post some contradictions within the bible? we must test all faiths, before accepting one. (its really just a bet with a friend :D )


GURBAR AKAAL! The Immortal Lord is all powerful

SAT SRI AKAAL! True is the Immortal Lord

vaheguru ji ka khalsa, vaheguru ji ki fateh

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You MIGHT find a few here:


But I'm not really sure if thats what your after

check out the equality section

there it defenetly contradicts itself

also a proof that even Christians see that the Bible contradicts itself, and is manipulated is the

Mormons...they don't believe in the original Bible ..

they have got new 'prophecies'

hope that helps ;)

bhulkl chukk maaf

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Contradictions & fallacies in the Holy Bible


Index to Biblical Contradictions


A List of Biblical Contradictions


Bible Contradictions


Here is an apologetic page: 101 Contradictions in the Bible Cleared Up


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