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  1. would someone answer his questions? all ive heard is insults going that way.
  2. not to mention to post, "Sikhs and Hinds One and the SAME"
  3. LOL i just read some of the posts on that board. omg... its nuts, check it out for urselfs. pure stupidity. when u get posts that have the title "How the British divied Sikhi from Hinduism" and "Guru Gobind SIngh J worshipped Hindu Gods" , u know something is wrong.
  4. y dont u listen to sri dasam granth sahib ji, which u guys put on the same level as guru sahib. it cleraly says there are punj kakkars. :roll: n3o singji ur abosloty right
  5. does it say where it comes from ie. from dasam granth or anything, only asking b/c taksaali gutkas say where the bani comes from ie ang number of dasam or guru granth sahib
  6. note for n3o singh. that quote that u used 2 posts ago, saying that bhai kahn singh nabha didnt believe in raagmaalaa is fasle. at one time kahn singh didnt believe in it, but then later on , he said he was wrong, and startted to believe in it.
  7. even in microsoft paint, just go -> image -> strech/skew, and then change the dimensions
  8. the point is, to learn A MARTAIL ART, be it sv, or any other art. just learn something u can use on the street!!!
  9. what he was saying was, i dont seek salvation , i just want to be in love with vaheguruji and doing simran on vaheguruji lotus feet forever
  10. its wack on how some ppl treat that horse. some ppl touch it for good luck :?
  11. did u even read the mahan kosh? jeez. dont quote stuff from him if u dont know what the hell ur talking about. he defined jhatka by this: "Sat Sri Akaal kahkae shastar dae ek vaar naal jeev dah sir vadhanaa" -> When saying Sat Sri AKaal, with a shastar take one blow (vaar) and remove the animals head. therefore, firstly, yes, he does says with one blow, BUT he also says with a shastar, and ALSO says one must say Sat Sri Akaal before.
  12. ok maybe sarbloh grant ant there (dasam defiently is), but nihangs do run the main show there, thats y there is bhang served in langer, and mahaprashaad. it IS controlled by sgpc
  13. nihangs do have alot of control over how the gurdrawa is run, thats y they do parkhash of sarbloh granth and dasam granth. they also serve bhang and mahaprashad there. BUT, overall, its still run by sgpc, thats y the punj arnt nihangs. the marayda is kinda the same, but not 100% what ud get at the dal
  14. without shastars, one can be dragged by the ear around anywhere - a paraphrased quote of sri guru gobind singh ji maharaj "bina shastarn keshan maran baihd jaanoo" - "without shastars and kesh, one is but a goat" - guru gobind singh ji maharaj
  15. thats sooooo true. well for the most part, i know a singh from the jathaa who believes no one is perfect (except gurusahib), even bhai sahib randir singh.
  16. vjkkvjkf where can i find this quote teero tafungo bahdo raamjungoo, dhanak dhaar aneer khand korarar, punj shastar paravan! some say its in the shastar naam mala, but i havnt been able to find it. thz for the help! vjkkvjkf!
  17. i believe in bhai gurdaases vaars it says he will kiss the feet of any gursikh who does parkarma of the guru. just read this one
  18. Radhasoamis shouldnt be considered sikhs. they do maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany things that would get them excommmunicated.
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