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Anandpur Resolutions....


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Thanks iron bro.. i just wanted to post whats on there for the sangat:

Passed by the Working Committee of the Shiromani Akali Dal Ludhiana, Punjab, October 17, 1973

The political objective of the Akali Dal has been laid down by the 10th Guru and is inscribed in the minds of the Sikhs ever since that time. The Sikhs have been invested with the eternal spirit of ascendancy (Khalsa Ji Ka Bol Bala) which is the birth right of the Khalsa and the Shiromani Akali Dal stands committed to achieve this objective.

-The Akali Dal shall strive for the incorporation of those Punjabi-speaking areas which have been kept out of the new Punjab, namely Dalhousie from the Gurdaspur district, Chandigarh, Pinjore, Kalka and Ambala Sadar from the Ambala district, the area of Nalagarh called Desh from district Nalagarh, Shahabad block and Goohla block from the Karnal district, Tohana Sub- Tehsil, Ratia block and Sirsa Tehsil of Hissar district. Six tehsils of Ganga Nagar district and other Punjabi speaking areas of Rajasthan.

-The Central Government should confine its authority only to defence, foreign affairs, general communications and currency and rest of the subjects should be handed over to the States and in this case particularly to Punjab.

-The Punjab should have the right to frame its own constitution and for procuring the necessary finance, Punjab should send its own representatives to the Parliament.

-The Punjab Government shall protect the interests of the Sikhs settled in other parts of the country.

The Akali Dal shall try that India should be made a federal State in the real sense and that all the States should have equal representation in the Centre.

-The Shiromani Akali Dal disapproves vehemently the foreign policy of the Congress Government and will strive to frame such a foreign policy which should be friendly towards the neighbouring countries specially those countries in which Sikh religious institutions are situated. That the country should follow an independent and impartial foreign policy and should not be tied down with any other power.

-The Akali Dal will see that no discrimination is shown towards the Sikhs in the services of other States and shall protect their interests. It will also try to see that the Sikhs are given ample representation in all wings of the armed forces as they were given earlier. The Dal will also protect the interests of the Sikhs in the defence services as also of those retiring from the defence services. It will also lay maximum emphasis on giving proper facilities for the ex-soldiers.

-The Akal Dal is of the view that any man or woman who is not convicted of moral turpitude should be authorized to wear arms without any licence and only registration should be sufficient.

-The Dal is in favour of prohibition and is also opposed to the use of other intoxicants including tobacco which should be banned.

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