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what i want to see in 50 years


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three things i would love to see in 50 years time.

1) For Nankana Sahib to be the gretest attraction of the world. for it to be as clean as any other sikh shrine. this was the place where nirankar decided to come back to earth. Also live 24 hours raag kirtan coming live from there.

2) To be able to visit mecca, and baghdad where guru nanak dev ji went and having something put up in their name to commemorate their great achievments so that the islamic nation will give the respect to guru nanak dev ji that they deserve. To make the gurdwara in baghdad well known and show its splender to the world.

3) Create a modest but beautiful gurdwara in Khurm Iran where bhai Mardana the humble great soul left the earth while having their head on the feet of guru granth sahib ji. To fine the grave that guru nanak dev ji created for them and preserving the great name of a disciple that no one else could ever match.

i have been tasked along with a few others to try and find ways of making these things possible for the future generations and would appeal for any help and advice that i could get from here or any other forums to make these places have the glory that they deserve for the famous sakhis and indiviuals of Gods great faith.

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