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Sikh Religious Art and Culture: there is still hope

Guest Javanmard

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Sant maharaj sahib singh ji bedi una sahib goes back to nirmalie sampardha and as well rara sahib (bhai daya singh takshal ) .

If any one have one or two paragraph about their breif life sketch.. would be much appreciated!!!!!

Great work!!!!! :D

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For writings on Baba Sahib Singh Bedi, you can go to the one of the original sources, Bhai Sobha Ram's lengthy 'Gurbilas Sahib Singh Bedi'. Bhai Sobha Ram was a Sewapanthi scholar who compiled one of the definitive histories of this samprdaya 'Sant Maal'. Equally, his work is testimony to the close relationship between Bedis and Sewapanthis (furthermore, in Sobha Ram's work sections refer to meetings between the famous Sewapathi Sant, Baba Dukhbhanjan ji and Baba Sahib Singh Bedi). Obviously the Bedis have close ties with the Udasis also.

A couple of more contemporary sources on the Bedis are older issues of 'Ajuni', Una Sahib's journal and also Gyani Ishar Singh Nara's 'Raj Yogi' which is Baba Sahib Singh Bedi's life story, similar to Bhai Sobha Ram's earlier version.

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Thanks for response Jtsingh,

I got this book called "Nuo Ratttan" talks about breif sketch of sant mahapursh in lineage of rara sahib.... gotta whole chapter on sant baba Sahib Singh Ji bedi una sahib..i m goin to look into that as well

have you read that book?

There is actually one picture of another mahapursh from bedi una sahib with sant kishan singh maharaj at rara sahib. I ll try to get that picture...

Its very interesting to know how all the puratan sampradha were closely tied with each other back in times.

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Nau Rattan by Gyani Meher Singh, yes I got given a copy at an Udasi akhara last summer of all places, by a gyani there. Very nice bloke he was too.

Another example of the interplay between samprdavas is the very famous kirtani Sant Anoop Singh, who was originally Sewapanthi but eventually became an 'Una Sahib wale'.

One small note is that rara sahib is a part of just one upsamprda of Nirmalae (of at least 30 odd other upsamprdas). Baba Sahib Singh Bedi is part of their specific parampara along with others. For example, he is common to both Hoti Mardan upsamprda and Naurangbad upsamprda.

Baba Sahib Singh Bedi was mutually respected by all. The Budha Dal I've met also speak very fondly of him. He covered all bases.

The samprda still have these ties you talk of. I can think of at least one Udasi mahant who was so widely respected that he was on both the honorary boards of both Sewapanthi and Una Sahib organisations. The ties are still there.

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