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Undivided PUNJAB!

Guest Punjabi Nationalist

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Guest Punjabi Nationalist

Below is an authentic map of pre-partition Punjab published by the British for the Imperial gazetteer of their "British India" colony. The map is dated 1907-1907


Punjab as it exists today is divided between two countries and broken into seven poltical units. Two of them are in Pakistan and the remaining five are in India.

The political make-up of the entire greater (undivided) Punjab region is currently as follows:

West Punjab (Pakistan)

1) Islamabad:

Area - 906sq km.

Population - 805,235 (1998 Census)

Islamabad serves as the capital of Pakistan.

2) Punjab Province:

Area - 205,345sq km.

Population - 72.85 million (1998 Census)

Capital - Lahore.

East Punjab (India)

1) Punjab State:

Area - 50,362sq km.

Population - 24.29 million (2001 Census)

Capital - Chandigarh.

2) Haryana State:

Area - 44,212sq km.

Population - 21.08 million (2001 Census)

Capital - Chandigarh.

3) Himachal Pradesh State:

Area - 55,673sq km.

Population - 6.08 million (2001 Census)

Capital - Simla.

4) Chandigarh, Union Territory:

Area - 114sq km.

Population - 900,914 (2001 Census).

Chandigarh serves as the capital to both the states of Punjab and Haryana.

5) Delhi, Union Territory:

Area - 1483sq km.

Population - 13.78 million (2001 Census).

Delhi serves as the capital of India.

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Guest Punjabi Nationalist

Here are the official government websites of each part of undivided Punjab:

(Click on each link)


West Punjab (Pakistan):

Official - Government of the Punjab

East Punjab (India):

Official - Government of the Punjab

Official - Government of Himachal Pradesh

Official - Government of Haryana

Official - Government of Delhi

Official - Chandigarh city administration

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I was discussing with a Hindu how Panjab wasn't with India prior 47 ..she was like yes, yes it was..

Prior to 1947 there was no such thing as India to begin with. Ask her to prove to you the existence of an 'Indian' civilization prior to 1947.

They have nothing to be proud of thats why Punjabi Nationalism is a threat to them.

Mod's Note: Your Harsh Language was deleted. There was no need for that. Please keep it civilized!!! :D

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Guest Punjabi Nationalist

PN.do you have any site, any official site which tells us hwo large Panjab was, and where we can see above map :)?

I have given the exact geographical size of each politically administered unit of the greater Punjab region. Just need to add them together and you'll get the full size of Punjab. I know them to be correct because i scanned through official government and census sites to find them.

I dont know of any official site which states how large Punjab is/was (area wise).

But, i been playing around with a web design tool called 'easy designer' so i can make my own site on Punjab, which will have the above info. Its a pretty basic site cos ive never studied computer classes and dont know about java and dreamweaver and those things.

I'll let you know when ive finished it and see what you think.

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Guest Punjabi Nationalist

The above map is of Punjab at its greatest extent in both geographical/physical and political terms.

From what i understand, Maharaja Ranjit Singh did not rule over all parts of Punjab, particularly the south-east including Delhi.

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