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Sikh turbans make a fashion statement

Ideal Singh

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Sikh turbans make a fashion statement

Amritsar | March 04, 2004 9:41:23 AM IST

The world of fashion is set to see a new set of models-tall, bearded, and

to top it, turbaned as well.

A fashion show, titled "Virsa", in Amritsar on Tuesday, saw many Sikh

youngsters making a new fashion statement, wearing their rugged turbans.

For the Sikh youths, modelling today is the most glamorous career option

for an attractive lifestyle.

Elated models said that the show gave them a launching pad for their careers.

"I am feeling really great...It has been a very nice experience. Sikh

models have not been very popular, so far. But I think that this is a good

start, and I hope we will do well in the future also," said Jaskirat Singh,

a Sikh model.

"We are really feeling elated that now on, our Sikh community will do ramp

shows. I believe that the entire Sikh community will support us, and we

will definitely do something in the world of modelling," said Navpreet

Singh, another Sikh model.

Whether they realise their dreams or not, the show helped the models to

parade their potential.

The warrior sect with turbans and beards now appears set to make its

presence felt on the fashion map.(ANI)


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