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Student Union Constitutional policy (regarding SPBOSS)

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I was reading the complaints section - where there was an arguement between SPBOSS and Lallesh


If universities find out about the polictical nature of SPBOSS they will have the right ban funding all sikh socities(who affiliate with BOSS) leading to a possible collapse University Sikh Societies all over the UK.

why? because its ultra vires, against all Student Union Constitutional policy and against the law.

The current stand on charities in English Law is that charites cannot be of political motive;

'the notion of charity has been taken by English Law to exclude any attempt to promote policitical purposes, even where the end-goal of such a policitical policy is aimed at the benefit of the public community. Where the goal is avowedly political, the courts will not uphold it as a valid charitable purpose(National Anti-Vivisection Society v IRC(1940)AC31) '

Hudson, Equity and Trusts, page 821

The political motives of the 'new boss' organisation could lead it too losing that title! if they were to be investigated.

The aim of this post is to make you guyz AWARE OF THE SITUATION at hand.

Please speak carefully when respresenting an organisation, If not for yourself, for the SIKH YOUTH.

To Boss;

You may speak with Heart and passion - but what about understanding the importance of complying with University Constitutional Regulations and English law ?


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