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Hanuman Natak

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Gur Fateh "Sukh Nidan" Sahib!

There was a similar thread started by Nihang Gargaj Singh, if I'm not mistaken. The Hanuman Natak does exist (having once viewed it) and is available in Gurmukhi Script if you wish to order it.

I have yet to find a written reference for the circumstances under which it arrived to Guru Gobind Singh, however from Sikh Lore, the tale usually goes along the lines of it being an incomplete work (lost at hands of some dispute) and found during Guru Jee's time.

The individual who found it, I believe was a prince (or some other stately position) and had a poet in his court complete the works, which he then presented to Guru Gobind Singh as a gift.

It is not Gurbani, if that is a question someone asks, as far as my knowledge of it goes, however given the role of Hanuman in Bharati wrestling akharas and his role in the Ramayan (to which Guru Sahib makes much reference), one could hazard a guess as to why Guru Sahib would have thought such works useful for his troops...as to why he supposedly kept it in his kamarkasa, if indeed he did, anyone???

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