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I am hungrryyyyyyy


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:? Parents are in india, and i am on my own at home. I didnt want to make anything that requires sabji so here is my new invention.

Madrasi Dosa with Pendu Stuff

Dosa with Onions and Chillie sauce


Eating it the British way....


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Hey Amardeep, did you take it with Chilli Sauce or Tomato Sauce... It surely look yummy...

ITs red hot chillie sauce, indian one not gora one.I just love chillie.

Neways, GUYS, i made that cos meinu bhuk laggi si, so it wasnt for pleasure. Thats why no fancy coriender, chillies etc. :D

I made Alloo methi yesterday, it looked a bit dodgy to be put on the web so i am not going to even think bout that. It tasted great though.

Sadly, my no sabji week has ended so i am having to cook sabjiyans with all my meals.

And Rupy is just jealous cos her future vota cant cook, whoever the poor guy is. :wink:

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:o :shock: wot?

Am i jealous or Am i her future vota?

Jealous, lol thats a good one

Furute vota, i better get used to this then :cry: :cry: :cry: cos i heard that boston de Masschoosan ( Massachusetts ) walle loki theek nahi hunde

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Its a pity,Amrik that we cant digitise things, orelse i would have opened a DHABA online. You could have done the entertainment. Neo could have been the comedian and Rupy could have been the bouncer :D

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haha shat up y'all

jootti meri huni sir tuhadaaa...

lol amardeep's food ..is like me takin a piece of bread and puttin ketchup on it..

i am glad my future don't cook at all...its better than this..

ma wayy...sarso da saaag, kathaaa, tin 4 makhi diya rotiya, and lasssii...da pure punjabi styleee...

not some gay ass madrassi dosaa

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why would i have mehdi on?

im not lalleshvari , :P lol.........ok, besides its not my wedding yet :shock:

I'll put mehdi on you hands if you like Neo ;), get you married to lallesh

first official gay AmritDhari Sikh Marriage Ceremony ;)

Since Rupy mentioned such lovely food, she can make me some and anyone else :LOL:

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dha nak nak nak nak dha dha nak dha nak nak nak nak

Nach mundeeyo :LOL: , kaur1699 can do Dj'ingh with me but she'll probably become japanefied by now :LOL:

ohh well, just me and you amardeep

U play dhol?

Imagine that da whole Sikhawareness posse coming together, I know who im gonna rush first at da wedding :LOL:


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