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Bhagwan Das:: Raja Sahib Naabh Kamal Jee


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Dear Forum Members,

Gur Fateh!

Does anyone have information on the aforementioned Sant, livestyle, his lineage and teachings. I would greatly appreciate any assistance on this matter, since he is crucial to some research I am doing at present and know very little of him at present.

Also, does his Dera/Lineage continue today? If so, does anyone have any information? (Jingrawale Sant?)

Many thanks,


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Unfortunately, it being some 40 years since Raja Sahib Nabh Kanwal Pritam Dass Ji (Jhingran wale) passed away, his teachings remain with those few who are living from that time. For these have never been doctrined in textual format for those of us not literate in Punjabi. Indeed, many a sewak are resident in the UK.

I'd refer you the details aforementioned provided about the Anniversaries celebrated across the UK in Southall, Eastham, Woolwich, Leeds and Hitchin, for these individuals would surely have the knowledge which you seek.

I look forward to hearing further about any research that you have undertaken. Wishing you well in your endeavours and apologies for not furnishing you with any further material.

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