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A Nirmala's Advait Vedant library

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Beyond the great link provided below by Hari, Nirmalay also traditionally study the following texts which are still readily available (all in braj bhasha/sadh bhasha in gurmukhi script);

Advaitsiddhi of Madhusudan Saraswati (a tika on this classic was prepared by Pandit Sudaa Singh ji Kashiwale)

Prabodhchandrodaya of Krsna Misra (later by Pandit Gulab Singh ji Maharaj)

Adhyatam Ramayan (again later by Pandit Gulab Singh ji Maharaj)

Vicharasagar of Pandit Nischal Das (so good it was tranlsated from it's original braj bhasha into sanskrit)

Yog Vasistha (a number of editions)

Anyone know how to get hold of Pandit Nischal Das' other works;Yukti-Prakasa and Vrithi-Prabhakara?

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