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Windows NT Server v/s Linux Server for website hosting...

Ideal Singh

Should I opt for a Windows NT Server or a Linux Server ?  

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    • Sorry Dude... I have got no clue... :(
    • Linux Server is better...
    • Windows NT Server is better...

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Haan Ji

Ideal Singh is looking for a webserver for hosting a website, but he is confused as to which server he should opt for. Right now he has got two options with him. Please analyse which options below and suggest what would be a better option for a novice like him and why ?

Please do suggest any other option but his budget is limited... :(

Windows NT

Generate powerful websites through Microsoft® Windows NT® and Internet Information Server® 4.0 and add tremendous functionality to your site. Offer dynamic content through services such as Active Server Pages, SQL Server and Visual Interdev 6.0.

Internet Information Server 4.0 (IIS 4.0)

Microsoft SQL Server 7.0

Microsoft Index Server

SSL Secure Server (SSL 3.0)

Macromedia Shockwave / Flash 4.0 & 5.0 (MIME Type Support)

Microsoft Access 97 / 2000

Microsoft FrontPage 98 / 2000 Extensions

Active Server Pages 2.0 (Complete ASP)

Java Server Pages (JSP) and Java Servlets

ActivePERL 32 Perl with “cgi-bin†directory

Full FTP Access for Upload / Download

Detailed Statistic Reports And Analysis

Microsoft CDONTS Mail Components

Web based E-mail Interface for accessing E-mail anywhere

Unlimited E-mail forwarding

“Catch-All†E-mail Accounts

Auto Responders

Third party ASP Components

Free Components and Scripts

Password Protected Directories

UPS Power Backups

Daily Data Backups

99% Uptime guarantee

Same day / Immediate setups


Linux systems are typically very stable, due to its longevity and are host to a number of various popular web sites. Linux hosting also offers you more cost effective solutions and a large amount of work available through readymade scripts and solutions. Develop sites on this mature platform.

Apache Web Server Support

MySQL Server (for database applications)

"Cgi-bin" Directory

Perl 5.x Support

Server Side Includes

SSL Secure Server (SSL 3.0 Support)

VRML Support

Java Servlets API 2.0 now Supported (Extra Charges)

Microsoft FrontPage98 / 2000 Extensions Support

Full PHP 4.0 Support

Macromedia Shockwave / Flash 4.0 & 5.0 Support

FTP Upload / Download Using Cute FTP/ FrontPage

Password Protected Directories

Live Web Statistics

99% Uptime guarantee

SendMail for (POP3 / SMTP Mail)

Catch-All E-mail Alias

Web based E-mail Interface for accessing E-mail anywhere

Unlimited E-mail Address Forwarding

Unlimited E-mail Aliasing

Auto responders

He wants a server which gives him facility to host PHP, mySQL and Apache to host dynamic websites etc.

Please guide him...

Dhanwaad !!!

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Well... Should I opt for Shared Hosting or Dedicated Hosting or Co-Location... What are these terms... ?

1. Shared hosting= Your site will be hosted on a server, which has 1000 or more websites running along with your site on a same server.

2. Dedicated hosting= It is your server and you can shut it down or format everything anytime remotly. You have to pay more though.

3. Co-Location= http://www.webmasterstop.com/tutorials/cho...dedicated.shtml

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Before i tell u which server to host your site on, there a question that needs to be answered.

What kind of website is it and what language has it been written in. We all know linux is a stable Os but if you were to host an ASP site on it then you wouldnt get the same benefit. Php on the other hand would be great on apache and mysql.

As far as i can see,from a programmer's point of view Windows NT webserver is better, from a user's point of view in terms of pricing, Linux hosting might be cheaper.

But then again it all depends on the nature of the site and what u looking to do on it. Windows NT one is a complete package.

Microsoft Sql Server is usually extremly expensive as its better than MySql.

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oh well in that case, go for the linux webhost. Apache based hosting is usuallly cheaper than window based. However as i said, Microsoft Sql Server adds a lot of value to the hosting.

But cos u dont need it then Apache, php, Mysql is fine.

Isnt lycos hosting free?

I will find some cheap host for u if u let me know the budget.

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Yaa... What about a host that offers Linux + 200 MB @ $27 Per Annum ? Have a look at the corporate plan at www.hostguru.biz. What do you think about it ?

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