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Panch Sabad Dhuni in Sikh scriptures!


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Writer: Sukhjinder Singh

The five sounds or Panch Sabad Dhuni in Sikh scriptures are the five kinds of musical sounds emanating from five categories of musical instruments according to the Indian music classification system. These are:

1. Tant- the stringed instruments i.e. Veena, Sitar etc

2. Varit - the percussion instruments with tight animal skin to be struck for producing sound e.g. Mridang, Tabla, drums etc.

3. Ghan - Heavy metal instruments such as the Thong,or bell, Shaine, Chimta etc

4. Naad - Hollow instruments which are made to produce musical sound by hitting it with hand such as an earthenware water pitcher or a metallic large pot with a narrow mouth.

5. Sukhir - Wind instruments such as flute, horns, Shehnai, Pipes, etc.

In Gurbani we have these are hinted as

Veevah Hoa Sobh Seti Panch Sabadi Aya (Soohi Chhant M. 1)

Marriage took place with grand ceremony and the (Groom) came home accompanied by the music played on five kinds of instruments.

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