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Tankhaiya and Patit?

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tankhaiya - read bhai nand lal jee's "thankhahnaamaa"

thankhaah = wages

thankhaaiya is somebody who has earned wages.

what is wages?

it is guru jee's lovely way of giving us a "reward" when we do something stupid - in order to straighten us out.

it is really a reward because it makes us more humble. usually it is seva.

thankhaiya is somebody who has done something such as go against hukam of the punj pyare, or many other things.

read Bhai Daya Singh jee's rehitnaamaas.

Patit is somebody who has purposely turned away from the path of the Guru. Also somebody who is presently not on the path of the Guru.

"kot patit hoay puneet"

Guru jee can turn millions of impure and backwards people into pure and God-minded.

i hope that offers sommme help

i know nothing .. bhul chuk maaf karnaa jee


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