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Bani is a writing - it is a text

Gurbani is the enlightened text - the word of Truth

"vaaho vaaho baanee sach hai "

Vaaho! Vaaho! Baanee is the Truth

"vaaho vaaho baanee nirankaar hai"

Vaaho! Vaaho! Baanee is the formless God

"baanee guroo guroo hai baanee"

The Baanee is the Enlightener and the Enlightener is the Baanee

"Gur kaa shabad rattan hai"

The Guru's shabad is a priceless jewel

"Bani thaa gaavoh guru kayree baaniaa sir baanee"

Sing the Word of the Guru, which is the head of all writings

"Banee thaa kachee satgur baajho"

All writings about God written without the grace of the True Guru are fruitless

"Dhur kee baanee aaee thin saglee chinth mitaaee"

The baanee came from God, and destroyed all worries

"jaisee mai avai khasam kee baanee thaysaa gyaan karay vay laalo"

OH Lalo, just as the Baanee comes down through me from the Divine HUsband God, so I do give this account of wisdom.

please forgive all the mistakes I have made.

bhul chuk maaf karnaa jeeo


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