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Its a risk your gonna have to take. To be honest, it could happen to anyone. But with the help of your guru, when u take amrit, you shall keep to it, and taking amrit shall only make u stronger.

People do make mistakes, and if u do make a mistake, then seek forgiveness from the panj pyarai at the gurudwara.

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it's something that could happen. but before u take Amrit, u gotta ask urself if ur really ready for it and if u've educated urself on everything that's gonna be expected of u. a really good piece of advice someone once gave me on whether knowing i was ready to take Amrit or not:

"if you can live the life expected of an Amritdhari and do so for at least a year, then you're ready. if you can't, or feel that you haven't prepared urself enough, then take some more time to develop ur love for it."

in the end it's a personal choice. i'd like to think that ppl do take Amrit for their entire life. but if u end up having to break it due to circumstances beyond ur control, then i guess tha's what was gonna happen regardless.

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