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  1. uh huh. and i'd like to see you try.
  2. hahaa! nooo... me is fine just where i is for now. (canadaaargh!) thanks for the offer, though. so yeah. dunk beast in garbage.
  3. eh? do you think it's portable?
  4. Sukhi


    trying to decipher what Pheena says is too exhausting for me. have fun, guv! take tons of pics!
  5. true. but my frustration isn't about people trying to look attractive. it's about... argh... i'm not even gonna try and explain it.
  6. pssshhh... the entire purpose of me asking for a link was so i wouldn't have to do any of the hard work! bejeebers! *frustration*
  7. munchkin, i think he's lookin for a bollywood metrosexual. what're they called again? khusrey? as for punjabi gyals, we'll have to find one who'll put up with your ludicrous demands of always buying cd's, instead of d/ling them.
  8. eh? that one dun work either. :?
  9. oh who cares. once he's under my protection, nothing you silly saints who don't even know where east side mario's is even though you sit across from it every week can do. so your lil thing about how his miraculous seva has no credibility doesn't apply. those who the gods favour may no one slander! (<- borrowed from priests who do weddings but altered to fit what i wanna say.)
  10. i already suggested that. but singhmunda or someone else commented on how one of his cousins tried to do that but the dhari was too straight in the end! oh the horror of being a fashion conscious Singh! *sighs* this thread is so... ugh!
  11. eh...? that link doesn't work. :?
  12. yes. we're cool. so is anyone gonna make any banners or not?
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