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Vaisakhi Poem

Guest Maha_Pavitar

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Guest Maha_Pavitar

A small attempt at sharing the joy...

I stand here today with the same sentiments as previous years, but with a refreshing new sense of strength and understanding of this day, a day too easily passed like beach sand through fingers...

Celebrate by loving and appreciating the gift of life, the trees, even the sun for rising every morning..

Dive deep and fall prey to the intoxicating inspiration the universe holds in it's every corner..

Hold on fast to your beloved's lotus feet and soar the skies with joy.

Let the sounds enchant your heart,

feel the nectar trickle down,

and surrender yourself..

now breathe in the glories of this day..'jin prem kee-o, tin hee prabh paa-o'

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