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Sant Janrnail Singh Bhindranwale VIDEOS


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I have tried connecting to the hub but it seems like the software link does not work (I'm a Mac person), so I'm kind of stranded.

Is there anyone who can help me with downloading Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale's Videos without having to go to the hub? Any possibility of downloading them from a site?

Please let me know asap. Your help will be highly appreciated.

Also, anyone know where I could download hi quality picture of Santji?


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www.saintsoldiers.net- media section has a number of videos which include sant jee as well bits of media coverage of the dark events in the '80s.

As for pics try the Damdami Taksal websites- can't remember all of the urls off the top of my head but the two main ones are www.gurusikhijeevan.com and www.gurmatveechar.com. You ll find links to the others from there

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thanks a bunch for the links, guys, but i've already been to those sites. the only thing is that theya er streaming media and i already do have some of the videos they have posted. i was wondering if i could get access to the videos stored on the hub as i cannot get access . . . would need a pc for that . . .

as for the pictures, i also tried those sites but they have small images, not quite good enough for what i need them for . . . any other help on that?

thanks for your time, guys. really appreciate it.

asante sana!!


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kenyankalasingha jee, ive been using the hub for quite a while and ive never really found many different videos and pics of sant jee that arent already on the mentioned websites.

Obviously i could be wrong but i doubt!! :(

However there is ALOT of OTHER Sikhi related media on the hub that isnt available from websites.

See the link below, its a faq for DC++ and has some links for Macs:


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