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near death experience (this is a good read)

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Another thing many people have said is that when you die, the last thought you have decides a lot. Bhagat Trilochan jee's shabad "aree baaee gobind naam math beesrai" is the prime example of "anth kaal" and how you can be reborn based on your last thoughts.

Some people use this shabad ignorantly as an excuse and they say "well in that case i'll just think of God at my last moment"

But as my friend Harmanjot told me a few nights back in a conversation, "when you are in your last moments, your desires become supreme."

and it is very true - that the thing you were so attached and accustomed to throughout your life - that will be what you miss when you are near death. That is why it is important to attach ourselves to naam so that we think of only naam at our last moment and our desire is in naam as well. I have a long way to go ... I dont' even sit down for simran anymore... waheguru kirpaa karan ...

bhul chuk maaf karnaa jee,


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I like that book "tibetan book of the dead", I have to say its more scarier then the suleman tapes, I could only manage to read some of it... somethin prevented me to read the rest of it as the stuff is so vividly described and noone likes reading about death. The book goes through the various stages of death, and can really give you the fear of death, which you need inorder to do simran.

Have any of you read that one? I think N30 jee has a electronic copy of it somewhere

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nice course, I could only manage to read very little of it..... do you think it produced a fear a death in you?

Like you know the story of Bhai Rama Jee, they had a dream of hell and the tortures being done and then after that, they started doin simran all the time.

Do you think that book produces such a state?

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You can get the tibetan book of dead by joining this group. I heard from my freind tibeatan book of dead is really huge. I think web e-book its like an introduction or summary of the actual book. Anyway book is avaiable at: at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/reincarnationandbeyond/files/ . You can download the book by joinin their yahoo group and then file section.

Enjoy :)

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N30 jee.. I think that one is about the experience of some people who tried using LSD to get into those near death states after reading the real book.. and that book is not the real one.

I was just browsing and I came across a link to it.. I think this is the original one.. Summeet jee might know more


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