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Reading Gurbani

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Ok sadh sangat ji, honest opinions from someone who needs the info, and fast!!

Try and provide gurbani please (and lalleshvari, need ur input on this one, so please dont ignore!!)

Theres a split in views in regards to bani and pronounciation. Some people say its the thought that counts i.e read as much gurbani as possible (guru knows ur intentions) but then theres some sikhs, who say u should have classes (santiya) and learn how to read gurbani propally.

I came across a quote from gurbani from a damdami taksal website; and guru ji says reading his gurbani incorrectly is like breaking each of his limbs (which i dont want!)

So, do i continue paath as im doing (with a few mistakes) or do i stop, replace it with naam simran, and learn how to read it 'propally' from someone??

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Vaaheguroojeekeefatheh !!!

I agree with "HeyDudesWassup" . . .

In my humble opinion, many Taksali and AKJ people both agree that Bhai Jarnail Singh jee's bani is shudh. Some AKJ people complain that taksalis never accent some words and TAksalis complain the AKJ accent too many words... Bhai Joginder Singh Talwara Jee kind of read gurbani in the middle of both extremes and Bhai Jarnail Singh jee's uchaaran (www.gursikhijeevan.com) is also very good and a compromise between different schools of thought.

I think of course love matters - but you will really be showing your love when you take santhiya classes.

I am not very honest and reliable, and I am not showing my love because I have only taken santhiya once, of nitnem. Many Gurmukhs have taken santhiya of nitnem three or four times, and also of Guru Granth Sahib. I hope someday I can do this.

There are many places you can take SAnthiya - I'm not sure about UK but in Canada for sure. Please ask around.

I would not advise you to stop doing paath... just maybe stick with tapes and also do how much you can and like "heydudes" veerjee said, just do ardaas - Guru jee is ON YOUR SIDE !!

stay in chardee kalaa jee,


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Guest Javanmard

1. For the pronounciation of gurbani one needs to learn the languages first. Sant Sundar Singh Ji and Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji knew them but after them the Taksal's santya is actually parroting with the right background.

2. One needs to learn Sanskrit, Braj and have at least an initiation to Persian: that's what villagers used to be taught by the Nirmale and Udasis

3. One has to take into account prosody (pingal) as well as some gurbani is composed in a metrical scheme and needs to be recited in a certain way.

4. Learning one pronounciation by heart without having the understanding why is useless!

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