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Beatles song about singhs! wahoooooooooooooooooo


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Not Guilty


Not guilty

of gettin' in your way

While you're tryin' to steal the day

Not guilty

and I'm not before the rest

I'm not trying to steal your vest

I am not trying to be smart,

I only want what I can get.

I'm really sorry for your aging head,

but like you heard me said

Not guilty

Not guilty

for being on your street

getting underneath your feet

Not guilty

though you're sending me a writ

while I'm tryin' to do my bit

I don't expect to take your heart,

I only want what I can get

I'm really sorry that you're on the fed,

but like you heard me said

Not guilty

Not guilty

for looking like a freak

Makin' friends with every Sikh

Not guilty

for leading you astray

On the road to Masalay

I won't upset the apple core,

I only want what I can get

I'm really sorry that you've been misled,

but like you heard me said

Not guilty

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Guest Maha_Pavitar

Oh dear me.. :roll:

Veer, listen..Vaaheguroo is our GurMantra not the 'name of God'..Raam, Nirankar, Gobind, Raam these are all qualities of our Akaal Purakh.

To respect and love other faith's image of Akaal is so divine..after all Gurdev Pita jee says 'jin prem ki-o, tin hee prabh paa-o. If you can't hold love and acceptance of other faith's..how do you accept to love your 'own' prabh?? We are all of the same clay my brother..If I told you the definition of a 'Muslim', you would be a Muslim too just as a Sikh means 'seeker'...

Hold love for all..


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Guest Javanmard

Gurbani does NOT reject avatar!

Narsingh avatar is mentioned plenty of times, Maharaj himself is the avatar in the BAtthan Svaye, Dasam Guru Granth and Sarabloh Prakash Granth mention all the avatars. The avatar is the Face of God but is not God in His totality hence Guru Gobind SIngh's curse on those who say he is God. If God were an iceberg the avatar would be the tip of it, what you can perceive of the iceberg, the rest being hidden.

I suggest people try to learn the languages of gurbani first and actually read Guru Granth Sahib instead of coming with statements like: ooo lalleshvari there are no avatars in Sikhi!!! I am sure it makes people feel better about themselves to try to teach me lessons: if that makes you happy go on but back up!!!

Bhagat Naam Dev Ji in Raag Bhairao on Pannaa 1165:

Prahlaad answered, ""The Lord, the Master of the three worlds, is contained even in this pillar to which I am tied.""||4||

The Lord who tore Harnaakhash apart with His nails proclaimed Himself the Lord of gods and men.

Says Naam Dayv, I meditate on the Lord, the Man-lion, the Giver of fearless dignity. ||5||3||9||

or Bhai Gurdas panna 10:

At the same moment Lord God in the form of man-lion came out of pillar. His form was grand and majestic.

That wicked demon was thrown down and killed and thus it was proved that the Lord is kind to devotees since the time immemorial.

Bhattan Savaye:

You are blessed with the Nectar of the Lord's Name, O Guru Nanak; You have mastered Raja Yoga, and enjoy sovereignty over both worlds. ||6||

In the Golden Age of Sat Yuga, You were pleased to deceive Baal the king, in the form of a dwarf.

In the Silver Age of Traytaa Yuga, You were called Raam of the Raghu dynasty.

In the Brass Age of Dwaapur Yuga, You were Krishna; You killed Mur the demon and saved Kans.

You blessed Ugrasain with a kingdom, and You blessed Your humble devotees with fearlessness.

In the Iron Age, the Dark Age of Kali Yuga, You are known and accepted as Guru Nanak, Guru Angad and Guru Amar Das.

The sovereign rule of the Great Guru is unchanging and permanent, according the Command of the Primal Lord God. ||7||

more Babbar Sher? because I have more!

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Hare Hare Krishna krishna

By the way do you know that Guru Nanak is mentioned is mentioned in the biography of Chaitanya mahaprabhu. Apparently they were like brothers when they met!

Jay Shri Krishna!!! Hari ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmm!

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OK I don't like this hinduism/sikhism mix up (Thats what Indian govt wants), and I'm not about to start a debate.

Waheguru is unborn and immortal is his form.

Lalleshwari if you get up in the morning and do ishnaan and then go into the mandir and start ringling bells while chanting "Jai Kali Maa" then thats your thing. :D

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!

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im a huge beatles fan..

george harrison did not mean that in a wrong way... when the beatles went to india they meditated with the maharishi.. its hard to explain he wrote that song because most of the people thought he was crazy making friends with indians or something? i have that song it sounds really nice.. its a bootleg song..

anyways im more of a john lennon fan...

i have that song not guilty if you want it..

it was taken off the white album and remained a bootleg

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lalleshwari i luv ya man. whenever our history gets discussed (and hinduism IS OUR History believe it or not) people cant wait to bring 84 and indian government into it. why? do they seem so desperate to diss everything to do with the hindu gods. why on earth does bani refer to all of them?!?! surely not just as examples - maybe because they actually did exist!!! keep up the good work lalleshwri. jai sita ram

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After reading this i think sikhs shouldnt feel insecure when they are described as hindus.

Hinduism - Introduction

Hinduism is the name given to a family of religions and cultures that began and still flourish in India.

Like other Eastern religions, it doesn't fit comfortably into the same box as Western religions like Christianity.

Hindus do not separate religion from other aspects of life. For Hindus in India, Hinduism is an inextricable part of their existence, a complete approach to life that involves social class, earning a living, family, politics, diet, etc., in addition to the things Westerners view as religious.

The word "Hindu" comes from the name of the river Indus, which flows 1800 miles from Tibet through Kashmir and Pakistan to the sea. Originally the name referred to people living in a particular region of the world, regardless of their faith; so in the 18th century someone could quite sensibly be described as a "Hindu Muslim".

There are 750 million Hindus in the world, and most of them live in India. In the UK there are 400,000 Hindus, 160,000 of whom are active in their faith.

Hinduism includes a very wide range of beliefs and practices, so there aren't many things that are common to all Hindu groups. However they all have a "family resemblance" to each other.

Hinduism has no founder, no creed, and no single source of authority.

The things most often common to Hindus are a belief in a single Divinity or supreme God that is present in everything, belief in other gods who are aspects of that supreme God, belief that the soul repeatedly goes through a cycle of being born into a body, dying, and rebirth, belief in Karma, a force that determines the quality of each life, depending on how well one behaved in a past life.

Most Hindus worship at home and have a shrine there. Hindu temples are the focus of religious life, but there is not a strong tradition of corporate congregational worship.

Hinduism has not had a significant tradition of seeking to convert people, although some modern Hindu sects now do seek converts

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Errr, don't you get it? Notice how the word freak is rhymed with Sikh.

trust me i am a fan of the beatles

you wont understand

the beatles went on this meditation trip 2 india their guru was the maharishi mahese yogi... during this time the singer of the band made friends with indians.,. some people thought he was a freak for doing so.,...

the song is a unreleased one, it was left out of their double L.P titled the white album..

sikh fauge the song is not out officially.. try on kazaa

oh yeh and also there was a singh at a beatles concert let me see if i can get the pictures for you.. i used 2 have the beatles anthology and there was a picture of a singh in the audience...

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there u go

a singh was spotted in the video for hey jude.. awesome song

if any1 can find the video with the sardar in let me know?

can any1 find it?

anyways for those of u that cant be bothered 2 click the link heres the article in its eternity

NEW! A sardar with turban, Manjit Singh Balbir Singh being the referee of a soccer match in the malaysian league soccer match. This match was telecasted live all over Malaysian National Television. [ spotted by Sachdev Singh, 7.7.02 ]

"Ludacris and JD's new video Welcome to Atlanta features a sardar throughout the ENTIRE video. He is on the right in the tour bus first, then later picking out boots, with the rappers and trying on clothes, and then finally he is at a club with both Ludacris and JD. Who is this guy!!! (seen on 12/4/01)"

There is a Full Sikh Television News Anchor who speaks perfect Malay on one of the Malaysian channels; Tv 3 or Tv 2 Malaysia. He comes on everyday on national television and reads the news, in Malay!

Handsome young turbaned sikh boy spotted on a show called "Books on Parade". He and his teamates won the trivia contest. His name was Jagdeep Singh.

Sikh on a KFC commercial who was just about ready to enjoy a nice picnic on top of his car.

On CNN they were previewing a coverage for the NBA finals. Two sardar Laker fans were cheering to the camera and showing their Khalsa Pride. (6/11/01)

On CNN Perspectives they were doing an in depth series of interviews and travelling around with the Dalai Lama who is currently located in India. For a segment of the show, they focused on the town of Dharamsala a vibrant community. While this show may have been focused on Buddhists- a young Sikh boy with a putka was shown as a citizen of Dharamsala in a still picture that was being mixed with the 'action' videotape. It was nice to see his picture to know that Dharamsala, which was being depicted as a vibrant community-also had some spice with some Sikhs who stood out in the crowd.

On American's Funniest Home Videos on ABC, March 3rd, They aired a clip of a school play where a Sikh Man's Kid ran up on stage. They zoomed in on the Sardar as he was getting his kid.

Saw the sardars from josh on CNN TWICE! First on a news clipping for the bollywood music awards where they performed. Then saw them on CNN w/ Riz Khan for a half hour show. They were amazing. Their video for "Tanha" is on their website www.planetjosh.com

I saw a Sikh man on the channel 11 news today. He was taking part in the effort to rescue a woman who was buried under rubble after the recent earthquake.

On ABC Channel 7 News there was a report done on the rapidly growing Asian population in New Jersey. Mostly statistics of Asian populations growing 104% in Ocean counties etc. was presented. I wouldn't have even watched the whole story if I hadn't been surfing channels and happened to catch a Sardar being videotaped with a fine looking pugh! It's nice to see that Sikhs can grab attention wherever they are spotted =)!

A sardar was spotted in the "Mo Money Mo Problems" music video. He appears in the scene where Puff Daddy makes the winning putt, and then runs around and gives a "high-five" to everyone, and then he is spotted jumping up and down hugging a handsome sardar man.

In the "Hey Jude" video from the Beatles, a sardar is spotted sitting next to one of the band members. He was by that band member throughout the entire video therefore was on the video- pratically the whole time.

On Boy Meets World. Their is a sardar who is a doctor testing Eric's sleeping problems.

On Dharma & Greg (tv show) a Sikh was spotted in the background on several different occasions.

On an 'old school' episode of Seventh Heaven the black church is burnt by racists. In a very moving ending scene, all religions and faiths join at the site of the burnt church to raise money and join in favor. You see whites and blacks holding hands, Muslims, and the best- a sardar rocking a sweet dastar twice! I think its great that the show writers put a Sikh in the show in a good context.

I spotted a Sikh on a Dr. Pepper Commercial during the NFC Championship Football game. He was shown in a car (no taxi sign) and was wearing a black dastaar with a uncut beard.

"There was a GE (General Electric) commercial on TV during a college basketball game recently. THe commercial showed how GE was moving ahead in technology and they were showing many different people working for them, and then they show this cool Singh smiling and walking for about 2 seconds. It was just awesome to see a Singh on national TV."

"There is a Sikh sitting on the bus behind Alanis Morissette in her video 'Thank You.'"

"Sikhs have been spotted in the Wu Tang Clan video entitled 'Ice Cream.' the artist name was Raekwon. It showed a boy in a patka behind a register as the members of the Wu rhymed in a convenience shop. Yet again, another positive example of Sikhs in hip hop videos. This video came out in 1996 i believe."(Reported by Sartaj Singh)

"A Sikh was spotted in the Cocca Brovaz video entitled "Won on Won." this video came out in December of 1997. It showed a Sikh dancing with the duo of the group for a significant amount of time. Longer than the puff daddy video. They were rhyming and they said 'you can catch me chillin at akbar's door.' and then they showed them dancing with a sardar. it was a positive role for the Sikh."

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Guest Javanmard

Dear HeyDudueswhatsup!

My Beloved is in the Gurdvara, in the Mandir, in the Masjid, in the Church, in the poetry of a chery blossom, in the smile of the wise old man, in the tears of the mother, in the lips of the wife, the sound of the ocean, my breath, my heart!

Wherever my Beloved choses to unveil His Beauty I go! Whatever name he choses to use I go! And this is the liberty Sikhi gives me and no other religion gives me: worship Akal Purakh without boundaries!

Love is my religion and I follow its caravan wherever it goes!

But sweetest to me is the name of my everything: Guru Gobind SIngh! May each drop of my blood have His name written on it! LIke Hanuman with Ram I want to open my cheast and have his face engraved in it! Like Hazrat Abbas with Imam Hussain I want to have my limbs chopped off for Him! Like Maria of Magdala with Jesus I want to wash His feet with my tears and dry them with my kesh!

All the prophets, avatars and saints of the past teach me how to serve my Guru! I follow maryada not because of identity (who cares about the identity of a corpse anyway!). I follow it like a bride who wishes to please her husband! Duty is the slave of love: never the opposite! Bhai Daaya SIngh came first then Bhai Dharam Singh!

There is only one reason why I live: Guru Gobind Singh my Lord in this world and the next, friend, father, King of Kings, soul of my soul, the Qibla of my gaze!

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Great post lalleshvari bhaaji... This is what you call real sikhi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Learn people Learn People... get the confustion of deh(body) out of your head and look beyond to atma which is merged with akaal purkh

Vahiguroo Vahiguroo Vahiguroo :D

Lalleshvari with your post you made my day today.....

Vahigurooo Blesss :D

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so muKu jlau ijqu khih Twkuru jonI ]3]

so mukh jalo jith kehehi t(h)aakur jonee ||3||

Let that mouth be burnt, which says that our Lord and Master is subject to birth. ||3||

jnim n mrY n AwvY n jwie ]

janam n marai n aavai n jaae ||

He is not born, and He does not die; He does not come and go in reincarnation.

nwnk kw pRBu rihE smwie ]4]1]

naanak kaa prabh rehiou samaae ||4||1||

The God of Nanak is pervading and permeating everywhere. ||4||1||

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Guest Javanmard

Heydudeswhatsup, I knew that you would pick up those ones (quite predictable!) but you still fail to realise that the Avatar is NOT God in his entirety. The avatar is the face of God, the visible aspect of God.

Imagine you are drowning and all you see in the water is a hand that takes you out of the water. The hand is the avatar of Akal Purakh. What Guru Nanak Dev Ji is saying is: Acknowledge the hand but don't reduce the person to the hand only. Vaishnavas, Shaivas,Christians and even some SIkhs reduce Akal Purakh to one of his aspects. But in Skhi Akal Purakh is both nirgin and sagun. There are no limits to Akal Purakh and because he is limitless he can take any shape he wants yes even avatars. Akal Purakh is the avatar but the avatar is not Akal Purakh in His entirety.

The avatar is to Akal Purakh what the warmth is to fire, what the tip is to the iceberg: it's what he see of it but it's not all of it!!!

get it?

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I didn't realise your 3rd eye was powerful enough to have predicted my post before I posted it :roll:

No reason to go around saying "Jay Shri Krishna!!! Hari ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmm!" .

The Gurus are messengers of God, lets follow there teachings and say "Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!". After all why do you think Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji MahaRaj emphasised this?

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