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Dasam Granth - The Historical Proof that it is NOT our Guru

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The following article has been taken from Sikhbulletin and I have tried to translate some of it to English for the benefit of many readers. The translation may be a bit poor, so please excuse.

BfeI sfihb ardmn isMG bfgVIaf ilKdy hn “…… qF BfeI mihqfb isMG jI ny ies df PLYslf qF nhIN pr gwl aYyAuN mukf idwqI ik ……[[ cunfic Auh mwsy ƒ soD ky PLqh pf ky vfps phuMc gey ar dsm gRMQ iewko hI pusqk dy rUp ivwc rwiKaf igaf”.iesy sbMD ivwc BfeI kfnH isMG nfBf afpxI rwcnf gurmq suDfkr ivwc ilKdy hn ik “……[ pRMqU pMQ ny dsmysL dy Qfpy inXm qoN ivrwuD ieh PYyslf sLKsI rfX pr kIqf. cfhIdf ieh sI ik dIvfn dI srbsMmqI nfl gurmqf soiDaf jFdf.……pr iksy gurmiq pRymI ny ies dy pUrx suDfr df AupfX nhIN kIqf”.[/p]

Bhai Sahib Ardaman Singh Baghria writes “ So Bhai Mehtab Singh dint take a decision, but ended the conversation that since he has been able to kill Massa Rangarh, so the book Dasam Granth should be kept in a single volume

Bhai Kan Singh Nabha also writes in his book Gurmat Sudhakar “ but the panth did not take this decision in accordance with the principles of Dashmesh Ji. It was essential that a Gurmata to the extent be adopted by the agreement of the whole Deevan – gathering.

ies msly df iewk pwK ieh vI hY ik ajoky ‘dsm gRMQ’ dy srUp df sMkln mUloN hI dsm pfqsLfh dy afsLy, anuBUqI, drsLn aqy cyqn-Bfv dI dIdf dfinsqf Gor AulMGxf kr ky kIqf igaf jfpdf hY ikAuNik imldy purfqn dsqfvyjL ies Bfvnf dI pRoVHqf krdy hn. ig[ igafn isMG ny afpxI ikRq pMQ pRkfsL dy invfs 36 dy aMk 19 ivwc ieAuN aMkq kIqf hY.

Its is difficult to translate the following but I will make an attempt

Giani Gina Singh in his book Panth Prakash writes on Nivas 36, Ank 19

“----bflk iewk ibr isMGn bKXfq.

gur iZwg ibnY krI ies BFq. (iZwg= awgy)

They made a request before Guru Ji.

hy siqguru jo qmurI bfnI.

Dear Satguru, Your Baani

cfhIey iewkTf bIV bnfnI.

Why not make a single volume of the same

afid gRMQ sfihb sm grMQ.

And give it the same status as Guru Granth Sahib

ieh BI bn hY mfny pMQ.

so that the Panth should believe in it ?

ieh sux dsmy gurU AucfrI.

Hearing this the Tenth Master said

gurU arjun Bey bz AupkfrI.

Guru Arjan was a great Parupkaari

iqn kI nih brfbrI chIeY.

We cannot be his equals

nf hm kry nf qum iPr krIey.

Neither I am doing NOR U should do (i.e. compiling the Granth and giving it the same status as Guru Granth Sahib)

ieiq afidk sux siqgur bYn.

Hearing these words

mon Bey qb sB isMG aYn]”

All the Singh’s stood silent

iesy qrHF s[ kysr isMG iCbr -bMsfvlInfmf ivwc vI pihlF hI kih cuwikaf hYY:

Since Kesar Singh Chibbber Bansavilainama has been mentioned again and again, so I quote from the same as below on what he says about according the status of Guru to Dasam Granth, even if we belive him that Dasam Granth contents are all of Guru Ji’s

ies gRMQ dUjyy dIaF BI sMcIaF iKMz geIaF.

The second Granths Sainchis also got dispersed

ieh gRMQ aAuqfr lIlf df jo hYsI bxfieaf.………[

This Granth concerning the Avatar Leelas which u have made

sMmq sqfrf sY pcvMjy, isKF sfihb awgyy ibnqI sI kIqI.

In the Sammat 1755, the Sikhs had requested Guru Ji

grIb invfj jy bcn hovy qF,

Garib Nivaj, we if you grant the permission

dohF gRMQF dI ijld iewk cfhIey kr lIqI.

Why not make a single volume of the 2 Granths

sfihb bcn kIqf, eyih afid gurU hY gRMQ.

Guru Maharaj said, The Ad Granth is your Guru

Ehu asfzI Kyz hY, judf rhy mn mMQ]389]

The other one is our game, it should remain separate always

iewQy hI bws nhIN, pMQ pRkfsL krqf ig: igafn isMG, dsm gurdyv dI rcnf df poQIaF aQvf sYNcIaF ivwc hoxf vI idRVHfAuNdy hn aqy dsm gurdyv dI rcnf dy Aus smyN bIV-srUp nf hox dI pusLtI krdy hn. :

Ginai Gian Singh who wrote Panth Prakash, also writes that the Dasam Granth was in sainchis and not in a single volume

“jo ab gRMQ gurU kyrf] kihlfvq mD pMQ vzyrf]

gurU ky smy bIV nih qF kI]BeI bfxIaf rhI iewkFkI]

Aunky Tor poQIaF mfih] bfxI rhI dsm gur vfih]”

Also please note the references to Vidya Sagar

sB sMhsikRq BfKf krI. ividaf sfgr girMQ pr cVI]

ividaf sfgr girMQ Bey iqafr.kC soB nmMq n pfrfvfr]9]

(mihmf pRkfsL- ikRq bfvf srUp dfs Bwlf, sMmq 1833 ib[)

Mahima Prakash –Bawa Sarup Das Bhalla

iesy qrHF “bMsfvlLinfmf” df krqf - kysr isMG iCwbr vI ilwKdf hY

“----smuMdR sfgr gRMQ jI rsnI sfihb dI hor jgf bxnf]

____sMmq sqfrF sY aTvMjy, so gRMQ jI ndI pvfieaf]”

In the year 1758 Guru Ji got the Granth to be submitted to the river

gurU jI dy smyN isrjy sfihq sbMDI “sRI gur pRqfp sUrj ” ivwc BfeI sMqoK isMG horF vI ieAuN aMkq kIqf hY.

Regarding the literature that Guru Gobindh Singh Ji w compiled or got compiled. Bhai Santokh Singh in his Guru Partap Suraj writes

“iqMn kvIan bfxI rcI, ilK kfgq qulvfey]

3 Poets wrote a lot of Baani, and thereafter the the paper were weighed

nO mx hoie qol mih sUKm ilKq ilKfey]

It turned out to be 9 Mann – Mann is a measure of weight

ividaf Dr iqwq gRMQ ko nfm DrfEu kr pRIq]”

The Granth was named Vidya Dhar

ividaf sfgr, smuMdR sfgr jF ividaf Dr Bfv iksy vI nfm df jo gRMQ sI, Auh iCwbr dI Aukq ilKq muqfbk sfihbF ny afp sMmq 1758 ivwc diraf burd krvf idwqf sI. ieiqhfs ivwc ieh vI afieaf hY ik anMdpur Cwzx smyN bhuq sfrf sfihq srsf ndI dI ByNt cVH igaf sI qy kuJ mugl POjF ny qbfh kr idwqf sI. gurU jI vwloN gRMQ ƒ afpxy-afp diraf burd krfAuxf ies gwl df sMkyq hY ik Auh suinsicq krnf cfhuMdy sn ik Buwl ky vI EhnF df Kflsf pMQ iksy qrHF dy Brm-BulyKy ivwc af ky kdI BivwK ivwc vI EhnF dy afsLy qoN iQVk ky iksy vI hflq ivwc rcIaF imiQhfsk rcnfvF qoN iksy vI rcnf dI poQI aqy sRI gurU gRMQ sfihb dI brfbrI nf icqvy aqy “iqMn kI nih brfbrI chIey. nf hm krY nf qum iPr krIey” qy pUrI eImfndfrI aqy idRVHqf nfl pihrf dyvy.

It is clear from above that the Guru Ji got the Vidya Sagar Granth to be drowned in the river. Why he did it, we need to ponder. Isnt it that he did not want anyone to be confused about Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s Guruship ?

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Dont Deviate from the topic !!!

I never said whether their (poets) works are or are NOT a part of Dasam Granth . Now u have started calling it Dasam Guru Granth Sahib., earlier it was Dasam Guru Darbar. Next thing u will be calling sarbloh Granth as Sarbloh Guru Granth Sahib !!!!!!!

Again, dont deviate from the topic ....

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Ok if u r referring to the last point where I say that Guru Maharaj got Vidya Dhar drowned so that no one would confuse the Guruship, the pint is that the same theory would apply to any other Granth to be compiled.

Please read above what Bansavalinama or Panth Prakash have to say on this topic

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Where was this taken from? I've also been told that Guru Granth Sahib (Adi Granth) is our Guru from my friend and not Dasam Granth or Sarbloh Granth.

O yeah where can you get Gurbain fonts for this website?

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