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Contribution of "Nirmala Order" to the Panth....


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Lately sangat ji,

I have been hearing lot of ignorance or unwanted hate towards nirmalyaie Order...So i decided to open up new thread regarding nirmalaye contribution to the panth so these soo called sikhs can educated themselves. Ref to:


Nirmalas(intellectuals (yeh right)) who smell like goats and live in dumps as the new Nangs (for more information on the stinky Nirmala sect, see www.i-smell-like-a-goat.com).

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So far I can fetch this information regardin nirmalya contribution to the panth. I got this from our beloved brother on ss

Nirmala Sampradai

Nirmala tradition uses the philosophy of Vedas, called Advait Vedanta (which is one of the six Hindu darshana ~ school of though) to interprate Sri Guru Granth Sahib. So also in their interpration we see the influence of "Hindu" thought, mainly of Sankaracharya. In 1800s Nirmalas were know as the great philosophers of Sikh community. and they use to have debate with Hindu intellectuals on religous issues etc.

Some of the know Nirmala scholars are: Pandit Tara Singh Narotam (1822-91) who wrote several books on Gurmat, then we have "Giani" Gian Singh (1822-1921) who wrote Panth Parkash and Twarikh Guru Khalsa, which is great contribution in the field of Sikh history. Also it is said that Nirmala scholar Pandit Tara Singh wrote a commentary on the entire Sri Guru Granth Sahib, but it's lost. Some of his works are:

Vahiguru Sabdarth (1862), Tika Bhagat BanI Ka (1872), Tika Guru Bhav Dipika (1879), Sri Guru Tirath Sangrahi (1883), Granth Sri Gurumat Nirnaya Sugar (1877), Sabda Sur Kos (1866), Akal Murati Pradarsan (1878), Guru Vans Taru Darpan (1878), Granth Guru Girarth Kos (1889), Prikhia Prakaran (1890), and Tika Sri Raga (1885)

THIS IS THE CONTRIBUTION OF NIRMALA SAMPARDAI! there Deras exist at Haridvar (hq-s), Allahabad, Varanasi and Dharam Duja in Patiala. This tradition is also very small now.

Please free to add more to this thread. I m sure their are lot more stuff to post regarding Nirmalya Order.

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Corrections on that post;

Vedanta is the sixth darshana, and advaita vedanta is just one form of vedanta school;

Nirmalay have but one ishtadev - Guru Maharaj not vedanta;

Nirmala dere are throughout Northern India, although mainly in Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttranchal;

There are four traditional samprday and the 'Gyani samprda' is not one of them as it is an ang of the Nirmalay


How can I begin to summarise the contributions of the Nirmalay? It pervades so much of Sikhi's past; exegetical, philosophical, dharmic/aatmic vidya, yog abhyaas, shaastrarth, raag vidya, ayurvedic vidya...it's a shame these mahanindacs didn't think of that before mocking. Just to remind the sangat that many recent influential panthic figures were Nirmalay or educated by Nirmalay such as Sant Attar Singh Mustuana, Sant Baba Nand Singh ji (Nanaksarvale), Sant Gurbachan Singh Bhindranwale, Sant Sundar Singh Bhindranwale, Baba Jagjit Singh Herkhowal, Baba Jwala Singh Herkhowal, Sant Mukhtiar Singh Saarang, Sant Bishan Singh Muralewale...a few more famous historical Nirmalay; Sant Ishar Singh ji Rarasahib, Baba Bir Singh Naurangabd, Baba Sahib Singh Bedi, Baba Karam Singh Hoti Mardan....

Would there be much Sikh history if it weren't for the work of Nirmala scholars like Gyani Gyan Singh ji and Kavi Santokh Singh ji?

Guru ji himself established the Nirmalay, HE himself instituted them and I am saddened and sickened to see such disrespect to our Guru's own institution. :roll:

What is happening these days? This really is kaliyug when the people who are supposed to be moral and virtuous are acting worse than barking dogs.

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Sant Attar Singh Mustuana, Sant Baba Nand Singh ji (Nanaksarvale), Sant Gurbachan Singh Bhindranwale, Sant Sundar Singh Bhindranwale, Baba Jagjit Singh Herkhowal, Baba Jwala Singh Herkhowal, Sant Mukhtiar Singh Saarang, Sant Bishan Singh Muralewale..

WOW they are some of the greatest of this century, I recently came across a book called, "Sikh Saints" by Harbans Singh Doabia,in there he mentions that babaji Baba Nand Singh ji originated from Nirmalay.

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Yes if we carefully observe the nanaksar. It is linked with nirmalyaie.

Sant baba harnaam singh ji bhuchowalie was a nirmala who was murshad of sant baba nand singh ji. All though he was a nirmala, sant harnaam singh ji gave hakum to sant baba nand singh ji to start up nanaksar thaat which has same maryada as puratan hazooor sahib maryada. Almost similiar except few differences:

Also i like to share with the sangat information of baba harnaam singh ji. This information was given by my mitr premi at this forum (gupt name):

A key clue came from one of Baba Khem Singh ji's journals on Sriman 108 Baba Harnam Singh ji, in which there was a photo of a Nirmala I recognised who was being used as a source on life stories of Baba ji. This photo guided me to the right upsamprda. And here are the details...

Baba ji was part of the Pandhori Nijhraan upsamprda of Nirmalay. This is the full parampra for Baba Harnam Singh ji...

Guru Gobind Singh ji

Sant Bhai Seva Singh ji

Sant Milaap Singh ji

Sant Divaan Singh ji

Sant Mustaan Singh ji

Sant Mul Singh ji

Sant Ram Singh ji

Sant Harnaam Singh ji Bhuchowale

Sant ji had three important shish;

- Sant Nand Singh ji

- Sant Ram Singh ji Mulookewale (present shish is Sant Balwinder Singh ji I think)

- Sant Narayan Singh ji

Sant Khem Singh ji is present Mahant of Dera Rumi Wale.

The text does not refer to Sant Nand Singh ji having studied any adhyatamic vidya with Baba Harnam Singh ji (and judging by the author, he certainly would have outlined exactly what had been studied if he knew). This explains the lack of study of shaastraan in Nanaksar nowadays, and validates the claim of being bihangams (non-scholastic Nirmalay). It states that Baba Harnam Singh ji in his lifetime also had darshan of his dada gurdev, Baba Mul Singh ji.

Thanks guys for posting. Please carry on with more information on nirmalyae contribution to the panth. We really want too show these wahabi type "sikhs" what exactly they are doing!!!!!!!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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