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Sardars in bollywood films..the real truth!

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Ok this is part two..weve discussed the issue with sardars being clowns a reacurring problem in bollywood films.

But MUCH more severe is the CLEAR disrespect our own boys have toward sikhi!! How many videos have i seen (countless) where the sikh nishan sahib..the khanda..the symbol of miri piri is degraded to the point of no return..where in one hand the guy has a bottle of sharaab and females (whom he has no respect for) fiddle with his chest (or lack of) and dance seductively like snakes whilst he screams jibberish and makes poses one can only desribe as gay/wannabe gangster (u know, when they point at the screen and pout their mouth forward and look sideways.)

So what do we do brothers and sisters?? Why dont we sort out this internal problem before we challenge bollywood!

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Thats tru Singh but the problem is we can tell one person,tell ten people,possibly twent but the problems bigger than that.

In things like musik video's people do wa sells, let me take an example

XS BASS the on the Second Rising(which is phat) chatin bout '84, tru they may feel strongly bout it but in the Shere Kajde video they got gyals dancin bout n shit,

we need some sort of control to stop this n thats summit we jus aint got.

wa ya'll gotta say on this

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On a positive note... Its a belssing in disguise which is bringing awareness amongst us about falling standards of society, espacially sikh society in general.

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