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accident information 2


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i'm not sure why the threads keep getting locked....

veeraan/bhainaan... it's a sad day, we have lost 3 gursikhs now..

Rena Kaur Bhanji has passed away. She was 17 years of age, and an excellent keertani, gatka artist and gursikh.

From the information i've gathered, She had been taken off life support sometime around about 10:00 PST. She maintained breathing and pulse rates for a while, and i definitely had regained hope.

However, at roughly 11:00 PST AM, Sadday piyaree piyaaree, mithhi mithhi Rena Kaur passed away as a large large number of sangat was waiting outside, doing japji sahib. Upon hearing the news, they did ardaas for her soul. Our piyaaree bhanji has left her physical form.

As is stated in the other thread, there are several several akhand paath bhogs going on in vancouver, and all around the continent and world.

For those in North America, please consult

www.samagams.org, and take alook at the samagam list. if you live in any of these cities, please do call one of the sevadaars, and ask them if there are any plans for akhand paath, sukhmani sahib paath, or just sangat/keertan.

Feel free to also contact anyone at akj.org or any other panthic website for information.

The Panth has lost 3 beautiful gems, that Guruji has taken back to store in his treasure chest, as someone mentioned so eloquently.

Dhan Dhan Sachay Patshah Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaaaaj.

Dhan Dhan Sachay Patshah Shri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji

Dhan Dhan Sachay Patshah Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.



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Guest Maha_Pavitar

Just wanted to say a few words...

I never met any of these people or even spoke to them through email or anything of the sort. Parminder Singh Veerji was due to come to Dallas last year and sadly some immigration problems occured and their trip was halted. Since then I became interested in the Gurmat Studies Foundation & Guroo Nanak Academy veerji had started. It offers Gatka, Santhiya, Keertan, Punjabi, History lessons for people of all ages. Veerji does such 'golden vichaar' (as KPS said it once)..he speaks slowly with so much mithyaas. Most of his kathas are geared to youth as they are in English, but I still enjoy them each time. Please vist www.gurmatstudies.com you can hear his English Katha and view images of him as well. He represented the Dharam at many Inter-Faith conferences, and it is obvious that the Academy was such a gift to the sangat...

Rena Kaur..the best friend of my pyari bhen Ramina kaur jee..The few things I heard about her, the beautiful pictures, and sweet keertan..all I saw was this fountain of youth and potential. Her sikhi spirit was alive, she would have been such a graceful guardian of the faith, an amazing wife and loving mother to her children..You can hear her keertan at www.harjas.com

I don't know very much about Charanjit Singh veerji at all except he was involved with the Damdami Taksal and successful Gatka player..

Perhaps I never met this beautiful souls..but in a way I was connected to them..I was able to know this small part even of their path. I didn't know how to act, I was shocked, I tried to offer whatever help I could, I then did nothing but tear and listen to keertan..I remembered in Asa kee vaar it says 'Vismaad Sanjog/Vismaad Vijog'..'Poorab Janam kai milai Sanjogi'..what does all this mean in daily context?? Simply that these beautiful souls are being called to their original destination..they have done seva, spread kindness, and felt love. May their light and spirit continue in the form of us..their siblings.

Sabhna Sauhrai Vunjana..Every bride must go to their in-laws one day..May their souls find peace always!

Here is something Vicky Singh made in memory of pyarey Veerji..


In Love & Kindness always...

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Again...I don't even have the words to describe what I am hearing..its just that sad of a situation..

One man was killed and five other people -- en route to a family ceremony -- were left clinging to life after a van skidded off the Trans-Canada Highway and rolled into a ditch yesterday. The minivan was westbound 2 km west of Lakeside Packers near Brooks about noon when it rolled into the north ditch.

RCMP said all but one of the eight occupants were thrown from the vehicle.

It is believed the lone individual who remained inside the wreckage was the only one wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash.

Rescue crews arrived to find several other motorists stopped and doing what they could to help the injured.

A 23-year-old man from Vancouver died at the scene.

Seven other people were taken to Brooks Hospital.

Two were treated and released with minor injuries, while five other individuals were airlifted by STARS air ambulance to Calgary with life-threatening injuries.

Brooks RCMP Corp. Sandra Sutherland said the group was heading to a function in Edmonton in a van rented from Vancouver.

"We believe it was some sort of family ceremony," she said.

"We don't know if everybody was related, but we believe they were all relatives we believe the majority were from the Surrey, B.C. area and one was from India."

Cops believe the group was in the Brooks area when they learned they had missed their turn at Calgary. The crash occurred some time after they turned around and started heading westbound.

Police, who have yet to speak to the driver or survivors, have no indications of what caused the crash.

Alcohol does not appear to be a factor, but RCMP are still investigating the crash.

The name of the deceased is being withheld until next of kin are notified.

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Taken from SikhSangat.Com, posted by Japnaam Singh

CanWest News Services has a subscription only internet news system, (and for some reason you can't copy and paste it) so I'm going to type up the article from this morning:

They were our bright future, says a grieving community

Matthew Ramsey and Stuart Hunter

The Province


Alberta emergency crews work feverishly at the crash site near Brooks, Alta., where three people died.

May 9, 2004

Lower Mainland Sikhs were mourning two promising youth leaders and a young girl with a bright future yesterday -- all three dead in a grim highway crash in Alberta.

Parminder Chahal and Charnjit Singh, both 27 and key youth instructors at the Guru Nanak Academy in Surrey, were willed along with 17-year-old Rena Dhillon Friday Morning when their minivan rolled on Highway 1 near Brooks.

Four teens and a 12-year-old, all from Surrey, were also hurt but are expected to survive.

The group was heading from Surrey to the Nagar Kirtan Festival in Edmonton, where they were to perform gatkha, a traditional Sikh martial art.

The sister of two of the injured people said the group had missed a turnoff, stopped for directions and were on their way back to the correct road when the accident occurred.

Investigators are trying to determine if fatigue and speed were factors in the crash.

Harpreet Sondh, said her brother, Sundeep, was in the van and recalls it rolling eight to ten times. He escaped the crash with just seven stitches on his knee.

Chahal was behind the wheel when he apparently lost control of the vehicle and it rolled before coming to rest in a field on the north side of the highway.

Chahal was the only occupant of the van wearing a seatbelt -- and the only one not thrown from the wreck.

Singh, who was visiting Canada at Chahal's invitation, was pronounced dead at the scene.

"It's certainly a very large tragedy," said Staff-Sgt. Ray Noble of the Brooks RCMP.

"Family members, and all of their group in the temple I'm sure, will be impacted. The impact will spread well beyond the occupants in the vehicle and their immediate families."

Chahal and Dhillon died yesterday morning in hospital.

Passengers Sundeep Sondh, 15, and Teghbir Badwal, 17 were treated for minor injuries and released from hospital Friday.

Mundeep Sondh, 12, and Gagandeep Sahota, 17, and Sukhjinder Bains, 15, all remain in hospital and are being treated for extensive, non-life-threatening injuries.

Sukhpreet Heir, secretary at the Gurudwara Sahib Dasmesh Darbar temple in Surrey, described Chahal and Singh as important mentors and spiritual guides for youth.

Chahal was the head of the Guru Nanak Academy and was dedicated to his faith and the prevention of violence among youth in his community, Heir said yesterday. He also preached at the temple every Sunday.

"His way of preaching, his way of handling the program was what was needed by youth," added temple volunteer Amarjeet Kaur.

"It's such a great loss that we have suffered," Heir Said. "We need more individuals such as him"

Singh was visiting from the Punjab, where he was a prominent member of a Sikh institution and an expert in gatkha. Chahal met Singh on a visit to India 18 months ago, Heir said.

Singh had been in Canada for about four months and worked with as many as 70 young people instructing them in gatkha. Dhillon and the other youth in the van were students of Singh and Chahal and have shown great potential in all areas, Heir said.

"These are the kids we all hope for to carry a bright future for our community," he said.

Funeral services at the temple are being planned for all three. Heir said Singh's body will be flown back to India following the service.

Meantime, Sikhs from Vancouver and Toronto are coming together to help the families of the dead and injured however they can, including paying for the funeral and transportation of Singh's body, Heir said.

"The whole community feels this," said Iqbal Gill from the Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara Society in Surrey. "I didn't even know them, but we all share the grief they are feeling."

Harpreet Sondh, whose brothers Sundeep and Mundeep were injured in the rollover, said yesterday that her parents are at Mundeep's side. The Grade 7 student from Strawberry Hill suffered serious leg injuries and some damage to his spleen and lungs. Although he was unconscious yesterday, he is expected to recover.

Sundeep is a Grade 9 student at Princess Margaret. Both are dedicated gatkha students who began practicing the martial art just four months ago.

Harpreet, 16, said she planned to head for Calgary to see her brothers as soon as possible.

"I'm planning to take a lot of balloons and roses and flowers," she told The Sunday Province. "[My brothers are] the most important thing in my life.

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Vaheguru ji ka khalsa

Vaheguru ji ki fateh

dear cyber sangat

even though i didnot know these Gursikhs i too was so moved by there love for Sikhi and there selfless seva when i heard the news my heart sank, first the news about Bhai Veer Singh Ji passing away now these Gursikhs. May Guruji bless us with these type of Gursikhs and may Guruji give us all strength to carry on the seva they done so beautifully.

My Fateh to these beloved Gursikhs

Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Will miss u but u will never leave our side

Dhan Guru Ji

Dhan Thera Panth Khalsa


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Guest Maha_Pavitar

Please visit this link sadh sangat jeeio


Let us all pray that their souls are in peace at their new home..I'm not trying to sound silly but please be extra careful and wear seat-belts, even if you're sitting in the back seat..protect yourself and others..

jo aaya..so chulsee..

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My Friend also had a car accident, his friend was driving but the driver just got enjured i think? I felt sad lossing a good friend.

May Waheguru Show mercy to these ppl.

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just a quick note befoer my main message... the one person who was wearing a seatbelt was bhai sahib bhai parminder singh ji. he suffered one of the very serious injuries, with severe brain damage. i personally don't think that seatbelt or not played a role in this. Gurji jus wanted his purest souls back, bass.

ok, for the main information:

i was a but misinformed about the details of bhanji's passing.

at the hospital, she had continued to bleed, and in her bed, she was still bleeding, and it didn't stop. they had considered chaning her bed or her sheets, but the owrry that her heart would stop in the process overrode that thought.

When she was brought in, like any other gursikh, her heart was incredibly strong, the doctors said. They said that her heart was still going on its own, and that life support would be needed, but there was hope as long as her heart was still going as strong as it was.

As she continued to bleed, her heart kept on in its attempt to provide the blood she had lost back to her body. This resulted in her heart slowly getting weaker, and weaker.

Bhanji was taken off life support once it was determined that the machines were doing the heartbeat for her, NOT before that fact.

The information i recieved about bhanji being able to breathe on her own, off life support, was not correct information, and i'm almost 100% positive that this most recent information that i'm providing you with IS in fact accurate, as i got it from people who were with rena bhanji till her last seconds.

i know the method of her passing is .... kind of irrelevant... but for those who were very affected and seek any sort of path to closure, i hope this helped.


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Guest Maha_Pavitar

Thank you for that veerji...

May their souls feel shaant and may the sangat follow their examples of seva & Gursikhi Spirit.

I'm sorry to hear that the seat-belt was not much of a deterrent, again this is all his beautiful hukam..

Again my dear brother, let's be extra careful when we're in the car now..

Warmest vaaheguroo fateh!

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From other forums::

Monday's Update:

For the information of the saadh sangat, the bhogh of the Sri Akhand Paath Sahib for the peace of Bhai Charanjit Singh Jee's, Bhai Parminder Singh Jee's and Bibi Rena Kaur Jee's souls was scheduled to take place at 5:30am Monday morning, followed by Sri Asa Di Var Keertan at Khalsa School, Surrey.

There will be daily simran programs around 6pm at Bibi Rena Kaur Jee's house in Surrey.

There will be daily keertan programs in the evening at Bhai Parminder Singh Jee's house in Surrey.

Bhai Charanjit Singh Jee's antam sanskaar will be done in his village in India.

However, all three worldly bodies will be brought to the memorial service on Sunday.

The time and location of the memorial service will be posted soon.

In honour of the legacy of these three Gursikhs, the Sikh youth of BC from all different sangats will unite for an akhand keertan darbar at Khalsa School, Surrey on Friday evening.

There will be keertan smagams at Gurdwara Sahib Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Sikh Society on Saturday, all day from morning to evening; and on Sunday after the funeral services.

On Sunday, after the funeral services, the bhog of the Sri Akhand Paath Sahib at Gurdwara Sahib Dasmesh Darbar will take place.

Media Resources have been posted, and will be updated, on the Guru Nanak Academy website (gurunanakacademy.com)

Please do ardas for the spiritual peace of these souls.

bhul chuk maaf karnaa jee,

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Guest Maha_Pavitar

So much grace...

I just discovered this picture of Charanjit Singh veerji today..all I can say is WOW! It seems to me that amidst all the noise, excitement and activity veerji was almost oblivious to all that. It seems like he was on his own plane, time truly does stop for those in love..I see this beautiful sense of contentment on his face, that simple but beautiful smile not that big but big enough to share the joy..That simple blush says it all..'I love the love of my Beloved'

May he rest in peace..and may this universe produce more amazing Singhs like him..


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