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Sikh Death Toll:200,000

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Some statistics from Inderjit Singh Jaijee's article "The Forgotten Prisoner":http://www.sikhreview.org/may2003/human2.htm

The first column are the unofficial stats of the Police, the second are official stats of the Police and the third are stats of Human rights organizaitons.

Death toll statistics

official unOfficial Human Rights

1. Operation Bluestar:

586 4,7121 10,000

2. Operation Woodrose

59 3,000 8,000

3. Carnage of Nov. ‘84

(a) Delhi 2,712 3,8722 10,000

(B) Other states 300 3,000 10,0003


Killings 26,7005 58,469 80,000

Disappearances 20,000 50,000 50,000

Other states

Killings 5,000 10,000

Disappearances 3,000 5,000

Hindi Belt states 10,000 5,000

Total 30,357 1,11,053 1,88,000

Estimates of police (official) 30,357

Estimates of Police (unofficial) 1,11,053

Estimates of Akali Dal 1,45,000

Estimates of Human Rights 1,88.000

Estimates of State Magistracy 2,00,0004

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