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Blood donation

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Anyone who know if it's allowed to donate blood when you are a Sikh.. what does Sikhism say about it?

I m sorry, i m not "learned" enough to say anything on behalf of religion.. but personally, i admire this act.. and request you to go ahead.if got a chance ...its a noble work..

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found some links for u


i found the following info on this website http://www.sikhwomen.com/health/care/protocol.htm

General Beliefs and Practices (Individual Practices May Vary)

· The sanctity of life is an injunction. Human life is of the highest form.

· Blood transfusions are allowed.

· Assisted suicide and euthanasia are not encouraged.

· Maintaining a terminal patient on artificial life support for a prolonged period in a vegetative state is not encouraged.

· Organ transplantation, both donating and receiving, is allowed.

· Autopsy is permitted.

· Artificial reproductive technology is permitted only during the span of an intact marriage between husband and wife.

· Genetic engineering to cure a disease is acceptable. To date, Sikhs are opposed to human cloning.

· Abortion is not advised except for medical indications.

· Male infants are not circumcised.

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