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Relax and enjoy a drink

K Kaur

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Here is an amazing essay that I came across, but sorry i don't know the author :?


Relax and enjoy a drink!

My colleagues at work often go to the pub at lunch time, they asked me but I don't go to places with alcohol. My Sikh friend was going with them and told me to `Relax my principles_it's only a friendly drink'. Strange how the non-sikhs respected my decision, but the Sikh was the one who didn't. So this is what I wrote to him :

You said relax when I said I don't go to where there is alcohol. Shall I tell you a few stories about people who relaxed :

1) My uncle in India used to RELAX with his 'mates', one time him and his mates must have got too relaxed because he either was murdered by his mates who'd got him relaxed so they could get his money, or he had an accident but his mate was so relaxed that he couldn't even think straight enough to give him basic first aid, so he ran away and left him to die.

2) My Uncles in Canada worked day and night to make a hugely successful furniture business, they lived like kings in almost a mansion. But, they liked to RELAX and have a few drinks, turned into an addiction lead to the family business falling apart.

3) My Uncle RELAXED with his mates, then being relaxed he was too macho to be driven home by his friend's wife, so he drive himself and relaxed his way right into the back of a parked car.

4) Another uncle used to RELAX after drinking and beat his wife.

5) Some research was done to show that out of all communities in the UK, the Sikhs are the most addicted to Alcohol - and Guru ji's banned it!

6) People need to make a stand, then things slowly change. Eg so many people have stopped smoking and protested about smoking that we are sitting in a no smoking office, more and more places are becoming non-smoking.. When our boss Jerry presented wine bottles to us, there were 6 people who took it but didn't drink! He came up to me afterwards and apologised for insisting that I take the bottle even when I said I was happy without it. In addition he started thinking about other things he could give as rewards.

If I had just RELAXED and taken his wine without saying anything, then nothing would change and I'd be getting wine presented to me for the rest of my days.

The Turban and beard mean `No Drink Zone', it means people shouldn't even have to ask if I drink or not. It means they should know that offering a Sikh of Guru Gobind Singh Jee drink is like swearing at his mother.

I don't hate anyone or look down at anyone, God is everywhere and in everyone, but my actions are important. If I go to nightclubs and pubs, wining and dining then I am saying even though I don't drink I think these places are OK. These places don't agree with Sikhi I can't agree with them either.

I went to nightclubs a few times at university, I saw this really tall Sikh with an uncut beard and turban. He stood out from the crowd, I thought what the hell is he doing here, this is no place to bring the Guru's turban and beard. Then I thought hold on - what the hell am I doing here!

I went to a pub after a course, during the course lectures people have self-control and discipline (like Khalsa), at the pub their dirty desires come up, they talk dirty, one man kissed all the girls goodbye - & cuddled one of them half to death. She's got a boyfriend but she didn't mind kissing someone else, and he didn't care as long as he was getting his lustful satisifaction'. They had no honour, no dignity. And all I got was a head full of dirty thoughts, a coat full of smoke smell and the feeling I'd wasted my time.

I used to feel guilty about saying I don't go to the pub and used to go out of politeness to my work mates. But then this white girl didn't go either and she told people straight, she didn't even like wasting time at lunchtime talking aimlessly to people. She was training for the great Britain Olympic rowing team, she had a set diet, she was very organised and no-one was going to mess her dreams up. I thought that's right, she knows she wants: a gold medal, and she's 100% committed to getting it. I too know where I'm going - -right into Guru Nanak ji's laps, and no-one is going to steal my time or my principles. The world can hate me or love me but I've given my head to Guru ji and I'm not stepping off this path. My stand is solid. - My path is set. And by Gur Prasad may I have no regrets.

Millions and millions of people come and go, I'm taking a big gamble and following Guru Nanak's shabad Guru path to the letter.

So people can relax if they want and they'll get what they want deep down, but the Khalsa will never relax until they've won the ultimate Gold medal - a place at Vaahi-guroo Jee's feet and by Gur prasad we will win.

Fateh :D

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Guest kaur1699

Wicked article... thanx for sharing it...

I like the way its concluded...

So people can relax if they want and they'll get what they want deep down, but the Khalsa will never relax until they've won the ultimate Gold medal - a place at Vaahi-guroo Jee's feet and by Gur prasad we will win.
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