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Sisters and Brothers Check Dis out


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HMMMM after reading that :(

but what is it wid Punjabi girls, one mistake she made was checkin the mullah, i am sure that it does say in one rehit nama, that u cannot have relationships outside of mairrage.

but what i dnt seem to understand this has happend for ages, n msg's from girls like this have been sent around all over the joint, so y do these girls not learn, were has her self respect gone, under alll honesty, firstly i would grip da mullah n sort im n then later i would sort out the girl,by telling her perants n gettin her into councling, cuz that type of stuff does mess u up.

Whats wid her brother, gettin bullied, he has a turban on his head n he's not willing to look after it when it gets humilated by a bunch of priks.whats that all about??

final note, i think this isnt a major thing that happens now days, as women have become more aware of the dangers of these type's of relationships,but if they know about it, why they still doin it.

i am jus very confused int he matter

wa ya think

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Guest Maha_Pavitar

Perhaps it's not only the fault of women..perhaps there is a reason these women have to go to non-sikh men?

Sikh men often complain that our own women are just not interested in us, why do you think that is?

I'm not trying to put fault on just the men alone, of course the women should have some matt and understand grace is one of the most important factors of being & becoming a woman...

We have to learn to look beyond the physical apperance, the dastaar/beard should only be a plus for woman (in my opinion). I believe it is the common misconceptions, the way some men tend to carry themselves, and the women's mistaken thoughts that our own men are not modern or capable of keeping a woman happy...

Just some thoughts...

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vell i am from the JuK n in london some were my lady friend over the email said to me that Singhting(singhs)=Buffting(u no nice, pretty even the word sexy could be used) now me being a murakh u can understand y i was so chuffed

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Look, how many times is this same old letter going to be discussed on the forum?

Sorry if that sounds insensitive but i have strong feelings that this letter is a fake or is overly exaggerated.

Look at this:

The Punjabi boys should defend themselves and their sisters with more honour and dignity. That will stop them looking like ***** and make girls like them more, because a girl wants a man that can look after himself.

Ok, so she is upset because "Punjabi boys" do not go around in gangs and beat people up? She is someone who wants to be seen having some pimps arm around shoulders when she goes out. Will that make this girl feel more important or better than the other Sikh "sisters" who do not date pimps?

In what way did she have her 'honor' violated? She obviously consented to get laid by her boy-friend so whats the problem? She is an individual, she can say "No" to advances. Plenty of women do it, so what the **** is wrong with her?

No... I dont buy it. Someone who already looks down on her own kind as cowards then demands they come to her aid?

This letter has no substance or meaning. It brings no real issues or concerns affecting Sikhs to the table. All it involves is a pathetic existence of a group of teenagers trying to create a superficial image of themselves.

Try live in real World 'darling'.


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Guest Maha_Pavitar


The situation you are describing is that women too often think they can get away with such things, playing the innocent card..it's really sad.

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but isn't that exactly what this girl is trying to do? what Jahan said is true. this girl made a bunch of stupid mistakes and now she's repenting. well, it was her choice and she should've known better. but at least now she's learnt her lesson.

but at the same time, Sikh men need to find ways to keep women comin after them... as bad as that sounds. i'm not sayin that guys need to turn into pimps an whatnot. but u need to find ur own self-respect and dignity tha's gonna make a girl say "hmmm".

but whatever. as far as i'm concerned, that email/letter/whatever it is, it's fake and just made to keep girls away from Muslim boys... meh...

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but at the same time, Sikh men need to find ways to keep women comin after them... as bad as that sounds. i'm not sayin that guys need to turn into pimps an whatnot. but u need to find ur own self-respect and dignity tha's gonna make a girl say "hmmm".

But why should we have to do anything other than be ourselves? If certain Sikh girls dont like Sikh guys who have a beard and turban etc then by all means, they should go and get laid by whoever they want to.

Relationships that work are based equally on physical and intellectual attraction. There is someone for everyone so just be yourself and you'll find the right person for you.

People who write letters like the above deserve no sympathy. She is an adult, has her own brain, why not use it? Why is there even a rush to find herself a boyfriend?

See how she says she got bored with some Sikh guy then dumped him.

Obviously someone who dates just for the sake of it. What does that say about her?

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if ur gonna say that, then Sikh guys shouldn't make a big fuss of how they can't get girls to stay with them... geez... it's not that hard to make a girl get interested in u... not that i'm sayin this on a personal level or nething. but it's a general fact that a lot of guys that i know complain bout how girls just dun dig them cuz they're sikh and whatnot. and my answer is just that u gotta treat the ladies right.

and all that i can tell bout the fake girl who wrote the letter is that she made some stupid mistakes and she's childish enough to complain bout them.

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U see, this is y every singh should be shastar taari and ready to fight. they should work out and know how to defend and themselves and others. every singh should learn shastar vidiya. If someone knocks off ur turban dont go walk off like a little Mughal who got his ass whooped by Puratan Singhs. beat the shyte outta that disrespectful weak loser. damn foo ive been knockin gorre who been disrespectin my turban since kindergarden. our sisters should tell us if these manmukhs give them trouble. We should get our boys together and beat the hell outta those fools. Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj said: "A Singh without a weapon is the equivalent of a sheep".

If u have kirpan know how to use it and keep it clean and sharpened. Singhs of old believed it was disrespect to keep a dull Sri SAhib.

We r singh, lions we r akal purakh ki fauj.

stand up for yourself and others


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