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Iranian Flag


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I don't know if any post concerning this matter has ever been posted, but I was watching the news today and my attention was drawn to the Iranian flag. I never really thought about this before, but there is a striking similarity between the symbol on the Iranian flag, and the one of the central symbols of Sikhi, the Khanda.

Is anyone concerned in any way by this?

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I dont think so.

What is written in the middle of the Iranian flag i believe is an alternative sign for 'Allah'. Perhaps a Shia sign for Allah...

The Arabic way to write 'Allah' is similar to that. What concern is/should there be?

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Actually, you are right in observing that. I read somewhere a while back that Iranian flag used to look different but it was changed during revolution. And the symbol was adopted from Sikhism..hence the Khanda! Why?? not sure, but it does look like Khanda ..maybe just the whole thing about 2 swords, that they found appealing..I know UAE or some other arab country has their symbol with 2 swords crossed over..like in Khanda.

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I believe the Iranian flag had a Lion in place of the current symbol for 'Allah' prior to the take over by the Ayatollah.

The 'Allah' symbol is not a copy of the Sikh Khanda. If they look alike its just a coincidence. Cultures all over the World have used symbols showing two weapons (swords, spears, guns etc) crossed over eachother, long before the Sikh Khanda was around...

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