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how does one do their daily prayer?

Many people get told many different things on how to pray to god.

Other then the waheguru mantra have any of you been told to do any other mantras by the five beloved.

Other then the nitnem banis do you do other banis daily?

How do you do your mantra? DO you light insence? A jot? At a certain time? in a certain direction?

I would like to know how all you out thier show devotion to god in your own way

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I normally do my prays through meditation only using different mantras. Since my mum is hindu, in addition, I do use some sanskrit mantras for Guru Ram and Guru Krishna.

Anyhow you do your prays, it does work since I firmly believe that it is 'devotional'. Although you cant see the reward with your eyes, it is fruitful indeed.

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Guest Maha_Pavitar

Some people also use scenary or certain scents..I sometimes have classical raag (musical only) whilst praying or meditating..

Also, depending on what prayer you are doing, what it means to you and what the prayer's raag/mood is you can use your voice and body even to accomodate that. A powerful, motivating prayer may call for more bold recitations while a devotional one may cause utter sweetness in your mouth. Many bow down at certain parts of their prayers in devotion..I tend to crouch together (as if I am being hugged by my beloved) because personally for me that devotional love relationship is 'me'.

Your personality is linked with all these preferences, our Dharma allows us to be 'unique', there is no set way..so embrace what you love about yourself and prayer..I think you'll be amazed at the results.

Also veerji, it's not just praying that shows devotion as I'm sure you know. Many times we become so engrossed in other parts of kudrat, such as our jobs, perhaps creative writing, art, gardening, cooking, martial training and so on..all these allow you to keep the devotion through every step..just my two cents!

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