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Did Indians support killing of the Sikhs?

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A lot of Indian apologists argue that the Congress(I) has had an anti-Sikh policy but the general Hindu population respects and loves the Sikhs. Operation Bluestar,Operation Woodrose, November 1984, police brtuality in Punjab and the systematic killing of the Sikh youth in Punjab, is all the work of the Congress(I) and the Nehru dynasty. And the Hindus have just been duped into following the gruesome agenda of the Congress (I). Is this really the case? A new report released by a human rights organization, Ensaaf (http://www.ensaaf.org/body-1984report.pdf)gives evidence that points to the contrary. It discusses the role of the Indian police force, media, public and the Congress Party in the November 1984 massacre. Chapter 5 of the report is very disturbing because it describes in detail role of the Indian electorate in supporting the killing of Sikhs. Some of the highlights below:


Prakash Kaur a Punjabi Teacher at Delhi university described how children threw rotten food into her courtyard after the massacre and her colleagues at work joked about the Sikh massacre saying "These people should be grabbed by their judis, whirled around, and beaten up thoroughly" "What is a Sikh Kebaab? A burnt Sikh."

Papers in 15 languages in India carried advertisements showing barbed wire and asking "Will the border move to your doorstep" and "Why should you feel uncomfortable riding in a taxi driven by a taxi driver who belongs to a different state?"

Instead of condemning the massacre the Indian population supported it...according to a person interveiwed by the reporter Dhiren Bhagat, "Go to the villages and they are saying 'aur kyoon nahin maara Sikhon ko' (Why did they not kill more Sikhs?)...people will say 'acha kiya Congress nay' (Congress did well)

A poll done by Illustrated Weekly during Nov 20 to Nov 25 indicated that 72% of people in the Hindu heartland felt that because of Indira gandhi's assasination Congress had improved its chances of winning re-election. 70% to 80% of those polled praised the Congress leadership.

On Dec 27 1984, after the shortest campaign in India's history, the Congress won 401 out of 508 seats in India's history. Lalit Maken got 60% of the votes in South Delhi. HKL Bhagat got 386,150 votes and his closest contender got only 73,970 votes. Jagdish Tytler got twice as many votes as his nearest opponent Madan Lal Khurana.


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From varying sources i have come across (Video, books, online resources) there is a large amount of evidence pointing to the role ordinary Hindus played in the atrocities committed on Sikhs.

About 2 weeks ago at my Gurdwara a video was shown titled "THE UNTOLD STORY, REVEALED" or something like that. A clip from a news report in Delhi was shown in the movie in which a Hindu resident of Delhi openly admitted that he did not want to see any "Sardar Jee" around here.

Whether they were incited or not it makes no difference. Many Hindu civilians clearly showed how much they valued the life of a Sikh, less than dirt...

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