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bullethole in the Guru Granth Sahib Ji from 1984

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Does it really matter veera.

Everyday, there is disrespect shown to our guru.

Our own community leaders do all kinds of things within the complex of gurudwarai i.e. in the presence of our guru. One of the biggest sins is taking money in the name of the guru; masands were killed for this. Yet we let so and so sardar ji do this (and to top if off, we allow him to preach in the presence of the guru.)

Everyday, gursikhs recite gurbani, but spit at their guru when they ignore what he is guiding them (sounds harsh, but this is to those individuals, like me, who are good at lip service.)

Bulletholes or not..it doesnt matter bro. Disrespect can come in many forms. Forget about what the indian government done to us..lets look out ourselves..have we ever done anything to disrespect guru?

In the same way jesus asked for any man who hasnt sinned to throw the first stone, i think we need to analyse and criticise ourselves, and then worry about what other people do.

Your right..its wrong, and accept my apology if u havent ever dishonoured the guru. But i speak for most of us sikhs, when i say, weve all disrespected the guru to an extent. So what the indian government did is irrelevant..im guilty too :(

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