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Singhnis and Hazoor Sahib

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I am a student of Sikh history and I am wondering of anyone could help me. My interest is the role of Singhnis during the period 1708-1839. I have read a lot of informative posts here so I am hoping that members like Amrit Singh who have personal experience of visiting Hazoor Sahib could help me with one facet of my research.

I was told many years ago that after Guru Gobind Singh 's joti jot samah that many of the Singhs stayed back in Hazoor Sahib and some basic buildings were built there. According to my father after some years the Singhs gradually drifted back to Panjab or other cities in South India. The local Muslims of Nander who had a dispute with the Singhs because the site had been reputed to have be a Muslim graveyard. Sensing that the Singhs would not be many the local Muslims attacked the shrine and either took over or were beaten back and bided their time to get more recuits. Sikhs in other parts of India were notified but they were busy fighting the Mughals. A jatha of Singhnis either from Panjab or areas around Hazoor Sahib formed themselves and when the Muslims attacked defeated them as well as capturing the Muslims' flag. I have been told that this flag is currently housed in one of shrines at Hazoor Sahib.

Do any of the members have any further information on this incident. Please reply here or email me at



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Dear Bhain Ji,

Please wait for detailed reply, because I am not having good health presently.

Here is a little information: -

When Divan Chandu Lal started the 'Kar Seva' in Sri Hazoor Sahib Ji, 'Sri Manji Sahib' was existed and 'Pujari Ji' (Jathedar Sahib) used to do the seva of Sri Takht Sahib. When Maharaja Ranjit Singh heard about this 'Seva', he sent Sardar Chanda Singh Ji with lots of money for the 'Kar Seva' of Sri Hazoor Sahib Ji. The present building of Sri Hazoor Sahib Ji was constructed under the supervision of Sardar Chanda Singh Ji.

When Guru Gobind Singh Ji got this place back from local Muslim residents (Please see 'Hazooree Vismad' thread), there was a cave or old room, it is my belief. When Guru Ji left for his heavenly abode, he

appointed Bhai Sahib Santokh Singh Ji (My head on his feet) to do the 'Seva' of Sri Angeethha Sahib Ji, which was/is mostly called 'Sri Manji Sahib'.

Before this, local Muslims created many problems for Hazooree Singhs. But, such time never came, when Takht Sahib's Pujari Ji (Jathedar) left the shrine in hands of other people.

But, this is not the full story. Though, Pujari Sahibaan used to do seva of Sri Angeethha Sahib/Sri Manji Sahib, local Muslims did not allow them to construct big building around the shrine. The land was under control of Muslims. Local Muslims were not able to get the Singhs out of the city by force. They followed other way.

What was this way? They did spread lies that Guru Ji said if any Sikh constructs a building over 'Sri Angeethha Sahib', his family members would die.

There was role of Sikh women in Sri Hazoor Sahib, but their history has been removed for some reasons. 'Bunga Mai Bhago' is an evidence of Sikh women's presence there. But I think this 'Bunga' belongs to the Sikh women, who did seva of this Takht Sahib Ji.

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