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Hari Ram Gupta


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ok peeps, i heard this guy has done some heavy duty work on sikhism. He took the the work of producing a six volume work on sikhism. In which he happened to complete 4. The fifth one went into print but he sadly passed away before starting his sixth volume.

What i would like to know is, how good are his books? are they recommandable? are they worth the investment? as I am tight on budget. If possible can anyone put/give a review of his book(s)

Thank you


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Hari Ram Gupta was one of the very few writers on Sikh history who relied on primary resosources for their work. Many contemporary writers have relied on other histories on whic to base their work. Critically he was fluent in Persian and for the 18th century parts of the History of the Sikhs he drew heavily on Persian account sthat have otherwise been largely ignored by Sikh writers. He also drew heavily on the East INdia Company accounts in the National Archives in Delhi and again, these provide a vitally important source for the story of howthe sikhs were percieved before the death of Ranjit Singh.

Personally I consider his rendering of the Sikh story the best that there is far surpassing Khushwant Singh, Patwant Singhs telling of the story. Since the voilumes were published in India they are remarkably cheap and you should get these

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