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Prabh bhaawe bin saas te raakhai

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Prabh bhaawe bin saas te raakhai

If the Lord wills, He sustains life even without breath

~ Sukhmani Sahib

Woman rescued 3 days after being buried alive

Tuesday, 03 August , 2004, 20:41

Calcutta: A woman whose husband allegedly tried to kill her as she could not bear him a child was rescued three days after being buried alive in a pit in West Bengal, police said on Tuesday.

Hemantabala Mahata, aged about 25, was found alive by a villager when heavy rains washed away the loose top layers of soil covering the top of the pit she had been buried in, police superintendent R Shiv Kumar said.

She is now recovering in hospital, according to police.

The incident took place in the far-flung tribal village of Hetgugui in the district of Purulia last week, Kumar said.

"Hemantabala became unconscious after she was severely beaten and then strangled by her husband Ramesh Mahato and her parents-in-law," he said adding the couple had been married for 10 years and were childless.

"They took her to be dead and buried her in the paddy field beside their hut," he said.

To hide the crime, Mahata's husband buried the body instead of cremating it according to Hindu custom.

Mahata's husband and parents-in-law had been arrested and charged with attempted murder, Kumar added.


Jisda Sahib Dhada Howe

Tis Nu Maar Na Sakke Koy

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