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Guest Javanmard

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The bektashis were wild! I have a beautiful 19th century photo of them looking like nihangs, bihangam maryada, with axes and kamndal. Their ritual music is staggeringly beautiful and meditatively cyclic (music is always a good measure of a tradition!). I was speaking to an alevi (who was also naqshbandi) in Istanbul who was telling me the Bektashi presence has just about gone now, banished to Albania. The history of the janisseries is fascinating; in principle young, unmarried and freshly converted! I also found it interesting that one website draws a parrallel between Bektashi and Sikhi.

I can't access this website, but does it state that the Bektashis took over the naqshbandia (definately taqiyat!) as I have read?

Anybody fancy going to albania this christmas?! wohoooooo

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Guest Javanmard

Astaghfirullah! Naqshbandis :evil: :evil: :evil: !!!

Here is an extrcat from teh website:

For centuries the Bektashi Order controlled the most productive and lucrative salt mines in the Ottoman Empire; the salt from those mines was called Hajji Bektash Salt. Bektashi properties were turned over to Naqshbendi dervishes.

basically they were persecuted by the Naqshbandi through their influence at the Ottoman court just like they did at the Mughal court! Ever wondered why Ahmad Sirhindi was implicated in Guru Arjan Dev Ji's assassination!

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