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Ganga Sagar Pictures.....


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Ganga Sagar

Story of the GANGA SAGAR

In 1705 Guru Gobind Singh Ji went to Machiwara after leaving Anandpur Sahib. During those severe hardship days same Rajas refused even to offer help to Guru Sahib due to the fear of death as Aurangzeb was after the life of Guru Sahib and his family. When Guru Sahib reach Raikot state, the Muslim Chief Rai Kalha welcomed him and felt honored in offering his service to Guru Sahib as his guest for as long as wanted to stay. Guru ji spent a few days with Rai Kalha.

It was in Raikot that Guru Sabib got the most tragic news of death of his two minor sons and his mother. The news was brought from Sarhind by Noora Mahi who was deputed by Rai Kalha for the seva of Guru Sabib.

Guru Sahib during his stay asked Noora Mahi to serve him milk in Ganga Sagar which was a part of his personal belongings. Noor Mahi said that this buffalo did not give milk and ever if did, the milk will not stay in Ganga Sagar as it had holes in it. Guru Sahib told him to utter the name of God and start milking the buffalo. To the surprise and amazement of Noora Mahi the buffalo gave milk and it did not leak out form Ganga Sagar. Before leaving Raikot, in recognition and in appreciation of the services and hospitality extended by Rai Kalha, a Muslim Chief, who risked his own family's lives, Guru Gobind Singh Ji presented Ganga Sagar , a sword and a Rehal at Rai Kalha as personal gifts.






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ive seen the ganga sagar in lesta like 3 yrs ago i think it was

altho i never saw the actuall pouring of milk and water into it - it was great to see one of guru maharaj's personal possessions!!

waheguruuu :D

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my mom went to see a display of this about 10 years ago they were doing a tour of uk. She was very impressed and suitably inspired. I just think we need to think with a little bit of caution - Guru Ji never wanted us to put our faith in miracles.

If the family who tours with this item is so convinced of it's miraculous powers then why have they themselves not accepted Guru Gobind Singh JI as their guru and turned to Sikhism? Or is it just easier to stay muslim and accept the donations of cash and gold that the sangat throws at them each time they do a tour?

No offense meant to anyone for my views - i just get so frustrated when there already exists a true miracle - one gifted to humanity from our beloved gurus and we choose to blind ourselves to it and chase these things instead. READ THE SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI NOW -for scriptures like this to have been writted 3-500 years ago before the advancement of equal rights movements and the advances of science - well there's your miracle. :D

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